Andy Reid Is Out: A Reaction to Jeffrey Lurie's Press Conference

Bernie Ollila@@bernieollilaContributor IIIDecember 31, 2012

Dec 31, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles chairman and ceo Jeffrey Lurie addresses the media on the dismissal of Eagles head coach Andy Reid (not pictured) during a press conference at the Philadelphia Eagles NovaCare Complex. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If he gave his fans nothing else during his press conference, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie communicated his disappointment in his team under Andy Reid.

Perhaps the biggest question not regarding the future of the Eagles that was on everyone’s mind was why wasn’t this move made sooner? For instance, why wasn’t Andy Reid fired at the end of last year?

According to Jeffrey Lurie, Andy Reid’s services were retained after a few dismal seasons because of how the team rebounded the following year. After a down year, Lurie noted that the Eagles were a double-digit win team that was in the playoffs. Mind you, they never won the Super Bowl in those years.

So, Reid was kept around because of the way he had been able to ferret out exactly where the team was inefficient and weak and address those areas so sufficiently that the team found themselves in the playoffs the following year.

But what about Reid’s staff? There’s no doubt that Andy Reid’s personnel decisions were rightfully scrutinized and that they ultimately played a big role in his fate. For instance, hiring Juan Castillo and Jim Washburn ended up being the wrong choice. However, Marty Mornhinweg and Todd Bowles also did not do very much to help the team succeed.

Lurie said that Reid’s staff has not yet been let go, and that they are currently conducting their player evaluations. Furthermore, since a lot of them have done enough to warrant consideration for staying in Philadelphia, Lurie believes that the next head coach should get to decide who stays and who goes from the staff.

Is that the right approach? After all, Lurie also said that a big factor in choosing the next head coach will be his ability and philosophy regarding hiring coordinators and assistants. If the team performed as poorly as they did in 2012, should the entire staff be let go?

As was expected by most, Andy Reid was not considered for employment in the front office. According to Lurie, that’s because Reid is a football coach who only wants to coach.

There was closure offered to the Eagles’ fanbase today, though. Apparently, the Eagles’ front office had believed that they were so close to winning it all year after year that minor tweaks were needed to put them in a position to contend for the Lombardi Trophy.

So there was never a complete overhaul in the past because management thought that signing the Nnamdi Asomughas, releasing the TOs and the Brian Dawkins, and drafting the Brandon Grahams ahead of the more successful players who drafted after him were all the right “tweaks” needed to make the team better. It only occurred to Lurie after this season that a complete change in philosophy and approach was the answer the entire time.

That kind of thinking makes you wonder what kind of water Jeffrey Lurie might be drinking. Furthermore, Lurie said the team was used to winning. What did they win?

Is Jeffrey Lurie delusional? Let’s hope that his decision to hang on to Howie Roseman and his staff will prove to be the right one, unlike his decision to keep Andy Reid for 14 years.