The GIF That Best Describes Each NFL Team's Regular Season

Mike HoagCorrespondent IIJanuary 2, 2013

The GIF That Best Describes Each NFL Team's Regular Season

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    A picture is worth a thousand words. These NFL GIFs are worth a little more.

    Each team had its highs and lows in 2012, but all of them had one thing that perfectly personified both the team and its performance on the field.

    Whether your team highlighted ESPN or Bleacher Report for much of the season, they undoubtedly made headlines in one way or another. But was it in a positive or negative light that they did?

    Let's take a look at one GIF that best represents the type of regular season each of the 32 NFL teams had in 2012.

Cincinnati Bengals Defense Came to Party

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    Geno Atkins and the Cincinnati Bengals defense emerged as one of the top units down the stretch. They seemed to have a fun time getting it done, too.

Cleveland Browns Rookie QB Brandon Weeden Got off to a Rocky Start

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    Cleveland Browns rookie QB Brandon Weeden ran into some trouble before the team's opening game against the Philadelphia Eagles. It was an early premonition of the struggles to come for the young Browns.

Pittsburgh Bobbled Its Playoff Hopes

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers lost QB Ben Roethlisberger down the stretch, when they needed him most. Still, the team was far from in championship form even when Big Ben was in the lineup.

The Baltimore Ravens Found a Way to Stay in the Hunt

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    A 4th-and-29 conversion helped the Baltimore Ravens edge the San Diego Chargers in San Diego. It was a season full of close calls and clutch performances for the AFC North's top team.

Tom Brady Had Some Words for the Doubters

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    Profanities aside, Tom Brady isn't ready to pass the torch just quite yet.. This one speaks for itself.

Miami Dolphins Could Use a Hand in the Secondary

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    The Miami Dolphins were in the playoff hunt but were never really in the playoff hunt. 

The New York Jets and Mark Sanchez Were Unwatchable

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    There aren't enough words in the English dictionary to properly diagnose the 2012 New York Jets. "Befuddling" is the best and most immediate word that comes to mind.

The Buffalo Bills Need to Feed C.J. Spiller

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    C.J. Spiller had more all-purpose yards and significantly less touches than Arian Foster this season. Still, he found himself in a heavy timeshare with Fred Jackson. With Chan Gailey gone, maybe the next regime will get the team's best player even more involved in 2013.

    The Buffalo Bills learned that giving C.J. Spiller is probably the best idea for success.

The Party Is on for the Surging Denver Broncos

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    Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos won 10 straight games after starting the season at just 2-3. The party is on as the team enters the playoffs as one of the favorites to win the AFC's Super Bowl bid.

Kansas City Let Jamaal Charles Do All the Work

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    The Kansas City Chiefs offense consisted of Jamaal Charles, Jamaal Charles, and Jamaal Charles. Any questions?

Alot Went Wrong for the Oakland Raiders

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    A multitude of errors and impotency all over the field hindered any type of success for the Oakland Raiders in 2012.

Philip Rivers Was Not Good Under Pressure

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    Philip Rivers is not a bad quarterback. However, while on the run or significantly pressured, he was one of the worst in the NFL in 2012.

The Jacksonville Baguars

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    It would be sad if it wasn't so darn funny.

The Indianapolis Colts Were Chuckstrong

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    There is truly no story more heartwarming and inspirational than the 2012 Indianapolis Colts and their support for Chuck Pagano.


The Houston Texans Were Powered by J.J. WHAT?!

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    There's a new champion in town. J.J. Watt is a force to be reckoned with as the key figure of the Houston Texans defensive front.

Chris Johnson Still Has Some Tricks Up His Sleeve

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    Criticism of Chris Johnson was at an all-time high coming into 2012. His outspoken remarks about the struggles of his team's offensive line sounded more like excuses than anything else. Johnson must have taken it personally.

    He found ways to break some big runs and was the lone bright spot for the Tennessee Titans this past season.

Adrian Peterson Had a Miraculous MVP-Like Season

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    If there is anyone who can challenge the resurgence of Peyton Manning it is Adrian Peterson. Peterson put the Minnesota Vikings on his shoulders and carried them all the way to the playoffs in 2012.

    He may have fallen nine yards short of breaking the single-season rush yardage record, but his performance and recovery will not likely be forgotten any time soon.

Aaron Rodgers Put the Green Bay Packers on His ... Waist

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    Aaron Rodgers is determined to get the Green Bay Packers back to the Super Bowl. He's put the championship belt back on this season and willed his team back into the postseason.

Jay Cutler Could Use Some Help in 2013

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    Jay Cutler has not had a pleasant time in Chicago so far. The Bears started 7-1 but failed to reach the postseason, a troubling outcome for a team that seemed to be the complete package at the midway point of the year.

    The Bears must do something in the offseason to help keep Cutler upright in 2013.

Calvin Johnson Single Handedly Kept Lions Respectful ... Literally

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    Calvin Johnson set the all-time single-season receiving yardage record. He did it by displaying a multitude of high-flying and dramatic catches that left viewers in awe.

    The ineptitude of the Detroit Lions left their fans in awe, too.

Matt Ryan Found a Way to Win

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    The Atlanta Falcons were the NFL's last unbeaten team and continued to excel throughout the 2012 season. It was plays like this by Matt Ryan that helped keep the team on top of its competition.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Were Torched Through the Air

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    Tampa Bay was the league's worst pass defense, and it wasn't even close. The team just could not find a way to contain the big plays due to inexperience and suspensions at the cornerback position.

Cam Newton's Kryptonite Was Revealed in Sophomore Slump

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    Cam Newton was brought back down to earth after a tremendous rookie season. Sure, he showed some flashes, but Newton's Carolina Panthers' high-flying offense was largely grounded thanks to a full season of tape from 2011.

The New Orleans Saints Couldn't Pick Up Their Porous Defense

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    The New Orleans Saints continued to put up big numbers on the scoreboard thanks to the team's Drew Brees-led passing attack. But, as good as the team's offense was at times, the defense was even worse.

    Sean Payton will be welcomed with open arms in 2013.

The Philadelphia Eagles Got Hit in the Mouths from Week 1

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    It was apparent from Week 1 that the Philadelphia Eagles were in for a tough season. The Cleveland Browns forced a plethora turnovers and brought physicality to the table. This hit from Trent Richardson foreshadowed a season full of devastating blows the team would take.

Aww Shucks, Tony Romo

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    There are just some quarterbacks who don't have what it takes to get to the next level. Is Tony Romo one of those players? The jury is still out, but the ramifications of yet another late-season disappointment don't fall lightly on Romo as seen above.

Washington Found Itself a Starting QB

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    Robert Griffin III electrified the Washington Redskins into the playoffs. His game-breaking speed and ability to lead his offense made him one of the biggest surprises in the NFL in 2012.

    Oh yeah, he can throw it, too.

9-7 Wasn't Good Enough for the New York Giants in 2012

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    The New York Giants had a shot for the postseason and even won their season finale. It was too little too late, though, and the Giants will watch the postseason from home.

Everything Went Right for the Seattle Seahawks

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    Pete Carroll's plan unfolded masterfully and everything seemed to go right for the Seattle Seahawks in 2012. They won with trick plays, last-minute dramatic finishes and good old fashioned conventional ground and pound.

    They are definitely a team to watch for in the postseason.

Alex Smith's Concussion Led to His Replacement in San Francisco

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    Alex Smith's concussion kept him on the sidelines for a game or two. The emergence of Colin Kaepernick as a result has kept him there permanently. While the final chapter has yet to be written, the San Francisco 49ers look to be a much more lethal team offensively with Kaepernick at the helm..

The St. Louis Rams Found a New Identity on Defense

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    The St. Louis Rams brought in Jeff Fisher to help turn their franchise around. His first act was bolstering a pass defense that was awful in years past. Not only did it get bolstered but it turned into one of the top units in the NFL.

The Arizona Cardinals Could Use a New QB

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    No, this is not the same GIF from the St. Louis Rams slide. The Arizona Cardinals couldn't get much production out of the QB position, no matter who they put behind center.

    The poor throws, vision and durability all perpetuated a QB carousel that seemed to have no end in 2012.