Oregon Football Recruiting: Updates on 2013 Commits and Targets

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Oregon Football Recruiting: Updates on 2013 Commits and Targets

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    The Oregon Ducks football program is at a point where it essentially recruits itself with elite recruits.

    Whether it be the plethora of awesome jerseys, the exciting offense or the national championship aspirations, there's a lot to like about Oregon football if you're a top-notch recruit.

    Credit Chip Kelly for building this program into what it is today. He's arguably one of the best recruiters in college football.

    If you're a fan of Oregon football or even just college football recruiting in general, consider this to be your "one-stop shop" for Oregon recruiting.

    You'll find all the news, analysis and updates on commitments and targets that you'll ever need right here.

    Note: All 2012 stats via 247Sports unless otherwise noted.

Latest News

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    Update: Another miss for Oregon as LB Mike Mitchell commits to the Buckeyes on 1/5/13

    Update: Leon McQuay III snubs Oregon and commits to USC on 1/4/13

    Update: 5-star safety Leon McQuay III is one of the biggest recruiting targets in the nation, and he has Oregon in his top five, along with USC, Michigan, Vanderbilt and Florida State.

    McQuay III will be making his decision this Friday at the Under Armour All-America Game, and he wants to enroll in January. According to Derek Tyson of ESPN.com, FSU is the only school who has accepted him so far, but that could change:

    McQuay, who will enroll in January, said Florida State is the only school that has accepted him for admittance so far, but he is working with other schools to gain acceptance. 

    The No. 3 safety in the country said he has an idea of who he will choose Friday, but will not release his top three schools until his final announcement. McQuay has officially visited all five of his finalists.

    McQuay III is the No. 3-ranked safety in the nation, according to 247Sports. It appears as if FSU may have a slight edge since it's the only school that has admitted him so far, but stay tuned. His decision will be one of the bigger ones of this recruiting cycle. --End of Update.


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    Targets: None

    Already Committed: None



    Quarterback is not a need for Oregon considering that Marcus Mariota is a redshirt freshman. Mariota is the program's premier quarterback, so really, any recruits Kelly and his staff bring in through this class would be depth players.

    For now, Oregon can afford to use its scholarships on other positions.

Running Backs

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    Tarean Folston

    4-star RB, 5'9'', 185 lbs 4.40 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 222 ATT, 1,722 YD, 16 TD, 9 REC, 2 RECTD

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4, 5 p.m. ET

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Notre Dame

    Update: Folston gave verbal commitment to Notre Dame on 1/2.  

    Already Committed

    Thomas Tyner

    4-star RB/S, 6'0", 207 lbs 4.30 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 3,415 YD, 45 TD, 1 REC TD

    All-Star Game: U.S. Army 1/5, 1 p.m. ET


    Dontre Wilson

    4-star all-purpose back, 5'10", 165 lbs 4.40 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 1,895 YD, 37 TD, 750 RECYD, 9 RECTD

    All-Star Game: Under Armour - 2 punt returns, 50 YDS



    Oregon's running back class of 2013 has a chance to be elite, so holding on to these two commitments is going to be crucial.  

    Tyner has all the intangibles to be the next star running back in Oregon's offense. He has great size and runs a 4.30 40, which is incredibly fast. He'll be the type of back who can run strong between the tackles for Oregon, but obviously, his speed makes him a home run threat on the edges and even as a receiver out of the backfield.

    Wilson is also a great running back recruit with a ton of potential. He's the No. 5-ranked all-purpose back, according to the 247Sports composite rankings.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

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    Thomas Duarte

    4-star TE, 6'4'', 225 lbs (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Washington, UCLA, Notre Dame


    John Ross

    4-star WR, 5'9'', 165 lbs (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: UCLA, Washington, Oregon State


    Juwaan Williams

    3-star WR, 6'0'', 181 lbs (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Florida State


    Durham Smythe

    4-star TE, 6'5'', 233 lbs 4.75 40 (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Stanford, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan, Florida


    Already Committed

    Darren Carrington

    4-star WR, 6'3", 180 lbs (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 51 REC, 902 YD, 12 TD, (via MaxPreps.com)


    Johnny Mundt

    3-star TE, 6'5", 235 lbs (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 33 REC, 625 YD, 8 TD (via MaxPreps.com)



    Depth at the wide receiver position is very important when you run an offense as fast-paced as Oregon's, so Carrington is a very good commitment for them. He has great size, and he's ranked as the No. 25 reciever in the nation (per the 247Sports composite rankings).

    Tight end is also a very important position in Oregon's offense, and Oregon is getting a recruit that has the chance to be very productive in Mundt.

    Oregon has a lot of targets on the board, so there's still much work left to do for Kelly and his staff.

Offensive Line

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    J.D. Hinnant

    3-star OT, 6'5'', 260 lbs (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: California, Duke

    Already Committed

    Evan Voeller

    3-star OT/OG, 6'5", 280 lbs (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4, 5 p.m. ET


    Jake Pisarcik

    2-star OG, 6'3", 280 lbs (247Sports)


    Doug Brenner

    3-star weak-side DE/C, 6'3", 255 lbs (247Sports)



    This is a very strong group of lineman recruits, highlighted by Evan Voeller. He's a big-time tackle and a very important in-state recruit for the Ducks. He's ranked as the No. 2 recruit in the state of Oregon, according to the 247Sports composite rankings, behind only Thomas Tyner.

    Brenner is another interesting player who can play both sides of the ball, so he'll be a versatile option for the Ducks. 

Defensive Line

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    Austin Hooper

    3-star SDE, 6'5'', 240 lbs (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Washington, California, Stanford


    Already Committed: None



    Kelly and his staff really have a lot of work to do at the defensive line position. To be fair, the depth chart is pretty solid right now, but it's always nice to bring in some form of depth through every recruiting class.

    Either way, I expect Kelly to bring in at least one or two defensive line recruits when all is said and done. 


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    Mike Mitchell

    4-star OLB; 6'4'', 222 lbs 4.45 40-yard time (247Sports)

    Update: Another miss for Oregon as LB Mike Mitchell commits to the Buckeyes on 1/5/13


    4-star OLB, 6'4'', 196 lbs (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 194 TCK, 37 TFL, 12 SCK, 1 IN

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Auburn, Tennessee, Vanderbilt 


    Already Committed

    Danny Mattingly

    4-star OLB, 6'4", 215 lbs 4.70 40 (247Sports)


    Tyrell Robinson

    4-star OLB, 6'3", 200 lbs (247Sports)


    Joe Walker (Signed)

    3-star OLB, 6'3", 230 lbs (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 102 TCK, 12 TFL, 1 SCK, 1 INT, 1 FR



    Outside of running back, this is the group with the most talent in Oregon's 2013 class. Mattingly can play tight end or linebacker, but at his size and with his speed he could end up being very dominant on the edges. He's ranked as the No. 18 outside linebacker recruit by the 247Sports composite rankings.

    Joe Walker is another interesting recruit with the potential to be very good. He's the No. 13 JUCO outside lineabacker, according to the 247Sports composite rankings. Walker has signed a letter of intent.

Defensive Backs

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    Leon McQuay III 

    5-star S, 6'2'', 184 lbs 4.50 40 (247Sports)

    Update: Leon McQuay III snubs Oregon and commits to USC on 1/4/13


    Already Committed

    Tyree Robinson

    4-star ATH/S, 6'4", 190 lbs (247Sports)


    Chris Seisay

    4-star S/ATH, 6'1", 185 lbs (247Sports)



    Leon McQuay III is the big target here, but if Oregon can't land him, both Robinson and Seisay are still top-notch commitments.

    Robinson can play safety, but he's actually listed as the No. 13 athlete recruit according to 247Sports, so he has a ton of potential and could end up being a big-time playmaker. Seisay is player who can be very good in the secondary for Oregon as well, so overall, the Ducks are looking good.

Special Teams

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    Targets: None


    Already Committed

    Matt Wogan

    3-star K, 6'2", 195 lbs (247Sports)



    Matt Wogan is a very important special teams pickup for Oregon. He's ranked as the No. 8 kicker in the 2013 class, according to the 247Sports composite rankings.

    Rob Beard is a redshirt senior, and Alejandro Maldonado is a junior, so bringing in another kicker is huge for the Ducks.  

    Wogan will end up being one of the most important recruits from Oregon's 2013 class.