Brawn GP Take 1-2 In Qualifying, Button Shines

The Formula One TimesCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2009

Jenson sits nicely on pole as Brawn GP take a 1-2 for qualifying.

The session started with Fisichella, and then a slow stream of cars took to the track. It was a good showing from Red Bull and Brawn GP to start.

McLaren don't look to bad with Hamilton taking P2. BMW-Sauber left it quite late to set some times with Kubica taking P16 and Heidfeld P12, although they improved to P5 and P10 respectively. Ferrari struggled as did McLaren after what looked a good start, Brawn, Toyota, Red Bull and Williams squeezed them into the bottom 10.

Q2 began with McLaren stating Hamilton would not be taking part due to a driveshaft failure. Button immediately took P1, with Barrichello and Glock just behind.

Vettel comes from nowhere to take P1, whilst Heikki struggles to get out of P14. Rosberg looks good, but teammate Nakajima couldn't manage to get out of Q2 into Q1. Ferrari struggle with pace and scrape though in P9 and P10.

All 10 cars take to the track with race fuel loads, Button sets the early pace with teammate Barrichello not far behind. Nobody can touch Brawn GP, Glock takes third, which is then taken by Rosberg, and then Kubica and finally Vettel.

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