Aaron Rodgers Has Gone Where No Quarterback Has Gone Before

Bob FoxContributor IDecember 31, 2012

Aaron Rodgers Has Gone Where No Quarterback Has Gone Before

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    Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers had another fabulous season in 2012 to back up his NFL MVP year in 2011. Rodgers ended up throwing 39 touchdown passes, compared to just eight picks, for 4,295 yards. That all adds up to a 108.0 quarterback rating, which is the best in the NFL.

    There is a pattern here, folks.

    You see, Rodgers is the highest rated quarterback of all time in the NFL, based on at least 1,500 pass attempts. In fact, he is the only quarterback in the history of the league to have a quarterback rating above 100.

    Rodgers is also the highest rated quarterback in NFL history in the postseason as well, as he has a 105.5 mark.

    But the statistic that really sets Rodgers apart from any quarterback that has ever played in the NFL is his touchdown pass to interception ratio.

    No quarterback has ever had a ratio above 3.0, except for Rodgers. Again, this is based on at least 1,500 pass attempts.

    Not only is Rodgers above 3.0, he's at 3.71 and closing in on a 4.0 average.

    Just think about that for a second. We are talking about a quarterback that is averaging close to four touchdown passes for every interception he throws.

    I've put together a slideshow that lists a number of current quarterbacks in the NFL, as well as some Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and a couple more who will be in Canton very soon.

    I list the players by one's quarterback rating in a given career. The slide will also show the player's career touchdown pass total, along with how many career interceptions he threw. Finally, it will show the quarterback's touchdown to interception ratio in his career.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Quarterback Rating: 104.9

    Touchdown Passes: 171

    Interceptions: 46

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 3.71

Steve Young

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    Quarterback Rating: 96.8

    Touchdown Passes: 232

    Interceptions: 107

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.16

Tom Brady

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    Quarterback Rating: 96.6

    Touchdown Passes: 334

    Interceptions: 123

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.71

Peyton Manning

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    Quarterback Rating: 95.7

    Touchdown Passes: 436

    Interceptions: 209

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.08

Tony Romo

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    Quarterback Rating: 95.6

    Touchdown Passes: 177

    Interceptions: 91

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.94

Phillip Rivers

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    Quarterback Rating: 94.5

    Touchdown Passes: 189

    Interceptions: 93

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.03

Drew Brees

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    Quarterback Rating: 94.3

    Touchdown Passes: 324

    Interceptions: 165

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.96

Kurt Warner

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    Quarterback Rating: 93.7

    Touchdown Passes: 208

    Interceptions: 128

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.62

Ben Roethlisberger

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    Quarterback Rating: 92.7

    Touchdown Passes: 191

    Interceptions: 108

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.76

Joe Montana

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    Quarterback Rating: 92.3

    Touchdown Passes: 273

    Interceptions: 139

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.96

Matt Ryan

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    Quarterback Rating: 90.9

    Touchdown Passes: 127

    Interceptions: 60

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.11

Dan Marino

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    Quarterback Rating: 86.4

    Touchdown Passes: 420

    Interceptions: 252

    TD pass to Interception Ratio: 1.66

Brett Favre

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    Quarterback Rating: 86.0

    Touchdown Passes: 508

    Interceptions: 336

    TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.51