Oklahoma Football Recruiting: Updates on 2013 Commits and Targets

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIDecember 31, 2012

Oklahoma Football Recruiting: Updates on 2013 Commits and Targets

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    There are very few college football programs in the country that have the recruiting draw that Oklahoma does.

    The Sooners boast a very historic football program with a great tradition of winning, but winning is more than just a thing of the past at Oklahoma.

    Bob Stoops' program wins in the here and now as well, and much of that has to do with recruiting. 

    If you're a fan of Oklahoma football or even just college football recruiting in general, consider this to be your "one-stop shop" for Oklahoma recruiting.

    You'll find all the news, analysis and updates on commitments and targets that you'll ever need, right here.

    Note: All 2012 stats via 247Sports unless otherwise noted.

Latest News

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    Update: 3-star wide receiver Dannon Cavil has committed to Oklahoma on 1/14/13

    Update: 3-star wide receiver KJ Young has committed to Oklahoma on 1/13/13

    Update: 4-star linebacker Jordan Mastrogiovanni flips his commitment from Oklahoma to Texas A&M on 1/6/12

    Update: Mike Mitchell commits to Ohio State over Oklahoma in the Army All-American Bowl game on 1/5/13.

    Update: Oklahoma 4-star running back commitment Keith Ford had a very impressive showing at the 2013 Under Armour All-America Game. His stats weren't incredible, but he displayed great vision, footwork and strength as a runner. Ford finished with three runs for 11 yards, but his potential was on display.--End of Update 1/4/13

    Update: Oklahoma has an absolutely huge matchup with Texas A&M coming up Cotton Bowl and this is a game that could have a pretty big impact on recruiting.

    Texas A&M has been arguably the hottest college football program in the country, and that includes recruiting as well. In fact, 4-star defensive tackle Justin Manning just recently chose Texas A&M over Oklahoma, and one could only imagine that the hype surrounding the Aggies had something to do with that.

    Oklahoma can steal away a lot of that hype if they beat Texas A&M in this bowl game though. The Sooners would also establish some of their own momentum heading into national signing day. --End of Update 12/31/12


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    Targets: None

    Already Committed:

    Cody Thomas- 4-star pro-style QB, 6'5'', 210 lbs. 4.60 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 4,154 YD, 46 TD, 3 RTD



    Cody Thomas is arguably the Sooners' most important recruit, especially with Landry Jones on his way out.

    Thomas has the intangibles to be the guy to replace Jones. He has terrific size and he's very athletic. He displays the ability to move around the pocket and he has very good speed for a quarterback. He also has a big, strong arm. Overall, the future is very bright for the Sooners' commitment.

Running Backs

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    Targets: None


    Already Committed:

    Keith Ford- 5-star RB, 5'11'', 195 lbs. (Scout.com)

    2012 Stats: 1,868 YD, 24 TD (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4 5pm ET



    Landing the commitment of a big-time running back was a must for Stoops and his staff this cycle, and they got just that in Ford. Ford is an elite running back prospect and he has the potential to be a superstar for Oklahoma in a few years. 
    For now, he'll be a great player on the depth chart, but in time he can be the feature back for the Sooners. Ford is ranked as the No. 4 overall running back according to the 247Sports composite rankings, so he's obviously a marquee recruit for Oklahoma.

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends

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    Laquon Treadwell: 5-star WR, 6'3'', 195 lbs. 4.40 40 (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4 5pm ET

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Ole Miss, Oklahoma State


    Already Committed:

    Stanvon Taylor: 4-star WR, 5'11'', 160 lbs. 4.45 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 1,100 YD, 15 TD

    Austin Bennett: 3-star WR, 6'1'', 170 lbs. (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 42 REC, 682 YD, 8 TD

    Jordan Smallwood: 3-star WR, 6'2'', 195 lbs. (247Sports)

    Dominique Alexander: 3-star WR, 6'1'', 185 lbs. (247Sports)

    KJ Young: 3-star WR, 6'0'', 180 lbs. (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 91 REC, 1,593 YDS, 18 TD

    Dannon Cavil: 3-star WR, 6'5'', 205 lbs. (247Sports)



    Depth at the wide receiver position is always important, so Oklahoma has to be feeling pretty good about this group of recruits. Bennett, Smallwood and Alexander are all suitable depth players, and Stanvon Taylor could end up being a premier receiver for Oklahoma. He has good size, great speed and he's ranked as the No. 2 recruit from the state of Oklahoma.

    As far as targets are concerned, Laquon Treadwell is the big name. He's a 5-star receiver and he has unlimited potential. Ole Miss seems to the favorite right now according to his 247Sports interest list, but don't count Oklahoma out just yet.

Offensive Line

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    Desmond Harrison: 4-star JUCO OT, 6'7'', 305 lbs. (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: USC, Arizona State, Texas

    Na'Ty Rodgers: 4-star OT, 6'5'', 270 lbs. (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4 5pm ET

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: South Carolina, Arkansas, Maryland, Washington


    Already Committed:

    Josiah St. John: 4-star JUCO OT, 6'6', 280 lbs. (248Sports)

    Christian Daimler: 3-star OT, 6'7'', 260 lbs. (247Sports)



    Oklahoma is set up very nicely as far as offensive line recruits are concerned. Desmond Harrison and Na'Ty Rodgers are the two main targets, but really what the Sooners need the most out of this class is depth.

    These two recruits will provide some great depth.

    St. John is a very talented JUCO recruit and Daimler has great measurables. St. John is ranked as the No. 4 JUCO offensive tackle according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings. The Sooners have to be feeling good about this group.

Defensive Line

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    Toby Johnson:  4-star JUCO DT, 6'4.5'', 310 lbs, 4.89 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 37 TCK, 6.5 TFL, 3 SCK

    Biggest competition for commitment: Mississippi State, Missouri, Georgia, Auburn

    Keith Bryant: 4-star DT, 6'1.5'', 302 lbs. 5.18 40 (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: U.S. Army 1/5 1pm ET

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: South Carolina, Florida State, Miami


    Already Committed:

    D.J. Ward: 4-star SDE, 6'4'', 242 lbs. (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: U.S. Army 1/5 1pm ET

    Quincy Russell: (Signed) 4-star JUCO DT, 6'3'', 305 lbs. (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 75 TCK, 5 TFL, 2 SCK, 1 FF, 1 FR

    Kerrick Huggins: 4-star DT, 6'4'', 218 lbs. 

    Matt Dimon: 3-star SDE, 6'4'', 255 lb. 4.80 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 55 TCK, 12 SCK, 6 FF

    Obo Okoronkwo: 3-star SDE, 6'2'', 220 lbs. 4.70 40 (247Sports)



    Oklahoma has a big-time need at defensive tackle, so Stoops and his staff need to step it up on the recruiting trail with D-linemen. They've done a good job of bringing in defensive ends and I do think both Russell and Huggins are good defensive tackle recruits, but Johnson and Bryant are must-haves for Oklahoma.

    Johnson is the No. 3 JUCO defensive tackle recruit in the nation (247Sports Composite Rankings) and Bryant is the No. 14 overall defensive tackle (247Sports Composite Rankings). This could end up being a great defensive line recruiting cycle for Oklahoma, but I'd like to see the Sooners land those two recruits.


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    Mike Mitchell: 4-star OLB; 6'4'', 222 lbs.; 4.45 40-yard time (247Sports)

    Update: Mike Mitchell commits to Ohio State over Oklahoma in the Army All-American Bowl game on 1/5/13.


    Already Committed:

    Jordan Evans: 3-star OLB, 6'3'', 205 lbs. 



    Oklahoma can finish this recruiting cycle with a ton of momentum if it can land the commitment of 4-star outside linebacker Mike Mitchell. He has an elite combination of size and speed, and he's the No. 7 ranked player at the position according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

    The good news for Oklahoma is, the Sooners are in his top two. The bad news is, they'll have to compete with Urban Meyer and Ohio State for his commitment.

    Both Mastrogiovanni and Evans are intriguing recruits and could end up being very good, but Mitchell is the must-have linebacker recruit for Oklahoma.

Defensive Backs

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    Lamar Robbins: 4-star DB/ATH, 6'3'', 188 lbs. (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: West Virginia, Purdue, Louisville

    Adrian Baker: 3-star CB, 6'1'', 163 lbs. (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 38 TCK, 3 INT, 2 FR, 2 INTTD

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Clemson, Florida State, Georgia


    Already Committed:

    Hatari Byrd- 4-star S, 6'1'', 195 lbs. 4.50 40 (247Sports)

    Ahmad Thomas- 3-star S, 6'0'', 195 lbs. (247Sports)



    Depth in the secondary is always a must, so Oklahoma is in good position so far. In particular, Byrd looks like he can be a star safety for Oklahoma. He has good size for a safety and great speed, which means he'll be able to play strong against both the run and the pass. He's ranked as the No. 13 overall safety recruit according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

    Lamar Robbins would be a big pickup as well, and Oklahoma is listed as his favorite (247Sports).

Special Teams

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    Targets: None


    Already Committed: 

    Jed Barnett- 2-star P, 6'2'', 210 lbs. (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 40.2 AVG, 70 LNG



    Landing Barnett's commitment is a very big recruiting win for Oklahoma. He's the No. 1-ranked punter in the 2013 recruiting class according to the 274Sports Composite rankings. Current Sooners' punter Tress Way is a redshirt senior, so that makes holding onto Barnett's commitment crucial for Stoops and his staff.

    Don't underestimate how important a great punter can be in college football. 

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