My Weekly Rant: Shut Up Ocho Cinco

Marshall CupelliContributor IMarch 25, 2008

Shut up Ocho Cinco

Everyone who agrees with me that Chad Johnson should just shut up and play football please raise your hand. Ok now that I know you’re not happy listen up. You’re not helping your cause by being a huge distraction. If you want to be traded so bad then why give teams reasons not to trade for you. This is starting to look like the T.O. drama that happened in 2005. As much as I respect Johnson as a football player I hate what he is doing to his team.

It also seems like Carson Palmer doesn’t care if he leaves! If my star wide receiver was leaving I would be speaking out. Palmer said himself, in regards to Chad, “I’m not going to get involved in what’s going on”. Why would you not want to get involved? Your primary receiver is leaving TJ Housh and other no names for you to throw to.

Defenses could start doubling TJ with no other serious threats to line up on the other side. Beyond Houshmandzadeh the Bengals have criminal Chris Henry, Marcus Maxwell, Antonio Chatman, and Glenn Holt. Unless they draft a quality wide out in the first round Carson and the Bengal’s passing attack will get shut down, and Carson seems to not care. Could someone please knock some sense into him!

With all of this talk about Ocho Cinco moving, it makes me think where would Johnson go? He was said he wants to go to Dallas but I don’t know why Dallas would want another 30+ year old wide receiver. If anything Dallas needs some youth at wide receiver. If you want a sleeper pick to trade for Johnson I would choose the Carolina Panther. Former college teammate and good friend Steve Smith would make a trade very tempting for the panthers to pair the two again. All in all it seems like Chad’s disruptive behavior this off season can do nothing but hurt the Bengals.

Move on

Cedrick Wilson the recently released Wide Receiver was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. This is the same girlfriend who had a standoff for several hours with police after an altercation between the two. Now Cedrick what’s going on? Your girlfriend needs some help. That has to be a bad situation for your daughter. I believe you should take your 1 year old daughter and go find another job somewhere (the Chicago Bears could use a receiver) and get as far away from Pittsburgh as you can.

Barry Bonds gets another break

Bonds case has been postponed for the second time in as many months to find evidence and get opinions from the government on what to do with the big league slugger. It now seems like where going to have to wait till 2010 or longer to even see a trial. Now why is it so hard to figure out what to do and find even or evidence to convict him with? If you ask me just look at him, his biceps should be enough evidence. He lied and he should be punished for it. I am tired of hearing about Barry Bonds and steroids. Why is he getting so much slack from our legal system? Our government needs to step up their game.


Tigers attempt at winning seven strait wins ended the other day. What an accomplishment six strait victories is. To put it into perspective the last time Woods lost (September 9) the NFL was just starting a new season, the MLB off-season came and went, and people thought Roger Clemens was clean. Once again Tiger Woods is turning heads in a good way.

Nice choice, Pryor

Terrelle Pryor just made the first step on the road to a successful career in college football by deciding to play at Ohio State. With the buckeyes Terrelle can be brought along slowly and learn the spread offense that that was designed for athletic Quarterbacks like him. While I would not be surprised to see him red shirted with returning starter Todd Boeckman I could also see Jim Tressel using him in a freshman Tim Tebow role. Give Pryor some experience as a freshman but at the same time not putting to much pressure on him to lead an offense. Jim Tressel saw first hand twice in national champion games what a two quarterback system can do, once with the Gators (Chris Leak, and Tim Tebow) and another time with LSU (Matt Flynn, and Ryan Perrilloux). I could see Tressel using Pryor, giving him 10-15 snaps a game in what could turn out to be another dominant year for the Buckeyes.

Fast food kills

Brandon Marshall WR for the Denver Broncos slipped on a McDonald’s bag while wrestling with a couple family members and his arm went through a television set and could be out 3-4 months. It was said that he suffered right forearm lacerations to one artery, one vein, one nerve, two tendons, and three muscles. Now out of everything that has tried to take down Marshall in the past (200+lb linebackers, DUI charges, etc.) he finally succumbs to a McDonald’s bag?! That has got to be the most embarrassing event in his life. At least champ bailey, after the incident, said “I’ll keep my eye on him”. Brandon is going to need some adult supervision until he grows up a little and starts picking up the trash around his house.