Kobe Says 2012-13 Clippers Are Best He's Ever Seen

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Kobe Says 2012-13 Clippers Are Best He's Ever Seen
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The Los Angeles Clippers are sailing into the end of December at 25-6 on a 17-game winning streak, their best since they came to the West Coast. Everybody, including Kobe Bryant, is starting to take notice.

The Clippers' record puts them at the top of the NBA, just a game ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but an amazing accomplishment nonetheless.

Kobe Bryant's appreciation for what they've done is pretty much universally shared, but the fact that he's giving them praise is impressive, as he's not wont to give out extended thumbs and "attaboys" to other teams very often. Via ESPN.com:

When asked if the current Clippers team was the best he's seen in his 17 seasons as a professional basketball player in L.A., Kobe Bryant replied: "I don't think it's a question about it."

"To put together win streaks that are that long, it shows a lot of focus, it shows a lot of unity and a lot of depth because they can beat you multiple ways," Bryant continued. "If you're going to have a winning streak that's that extensive, you have to have guys coming in from all aspects of the game."

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The Clippers will continue to be the top team in Los Angeles, most likely throughout the rest of the season as the Lakers dug themselves a deep hole to climb out of. Past that, things are harder to predict.

While the Clippers are going to continue to storm through the regular season, there's still a lot of concern over what they'll be able to do in the playoffs.

With the inexperience on the team, and the lack of a confident, competent head coach, there are plenty of things that could lead to their downfall, especially when they run into the San Antonio Spurs or the Oklahoma City Thunder in the postseason.

As the questioning about the Clippers extended, Kobe went back into classic Kobe mode:

If Kobe's not going to say it, then I am. I think we all hope to see the Clippers' streak continue until their January 4 meeting with the Lakers. Not only will the game inevitably be a compelling basketball game, but the streak would also be an interesting subplot to it all.

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