New Sailing Speed Record Set—50.43 Knots!

Tony CastaneiraAnalyst IMarch 27, 2009

Last night, sailing history was made when Macquarie Innovation powered down the 500 meter course at Sandy Point, Australia at an average speed of 50.43 knots.

Macquarie Innovation reached a maximum speed of 54.23 knots (100km/hr) in winds of only 24 knots and became the first sailing boat in the world to complete an official 500 meter run in excess of 50 knots.
Macquarie Speed Sailing Team is now preparing the record claim for ratification by the sport’s governing body. The final ratified speed is expected to be lowered to 50.08 knots due to tidal variances experienced along the course

For sailing achieving a speed of beyond 50 knots is equivalent of the four-minute mile for running.

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