WWE: Why Now Isn't the Time to Push the Great Khali

Orly Rios Jr.Analyst IIDecember 30, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

In his 2007 autobiography Hitman: My real life in the cartoon world of wrestling, Bret "The Hitman" Hart wrote candidly of one of the most popular wrestlers of the late 1980s: The Ultimate Warrior.

Hart described The Ultimate Warrior as "never really selling anything for anybody" while he waited for the gods to energize him (page 228). In essence, The Hitman spoke of how hollow The Ultimate Warrior's performances felt since he was never really a great wrestler and didn't put on great wrestling performances like Bret did or even like his rival Shawn Michaels would.

In today's WWE, the Great Khali feels like yester-year's Ultimate Warrior.

Standing 7'1", Khali is an imposing figure in the world of wrestling. He is a former heavyweight champion and remains one of the more popular figures in the WWE today.

In the ring, however, he is the most stagnant and least exciting wrestler today. He can't move around and his matches fall flat.

His match against Alberto Del Rio back on the November 26 episode of Raw was without a doubt, the worst wrestling match I have ever seen, and it's not that he didn't try.

The Great Khali can't move around the ring and has a couple of basic moves, the slap to the chest, the leg kick, the clothesline and the karate chop to the head, which is usually his finishing move.

When Ryback's push began, many fans argued that he was The Ultimate Warrior of today, but since then, Ryback's headline matches, specifically his pay-per-view matches, have been solid. The Great Khali's matches, on the other hand, have gotten worse.

I like The Great Khali. He's an intimidating figure, and I love the karate chop to the head, but his matches aren't much fun to watch.

At Wednesday's Main Event, Khali was the winner of the 20-man Royal Rumble to face Antonio Cesario for the United States title belt on Raw.

WWE, to me at least, lost a great opportunity to end that match with Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes being the last two standing to duke it out for the title shot. A Damien Sandow win would have finally given him the push he needs and deserves to become a superstar heel in the WWE.

It also could have shaken up the tag team division perhaps with a split in Team Rhode Scholars, and because Santino double-crossed fellow tag team partner Zack Ryder at Main Event, perhaps the unlikely partnership of Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder could have formed.

Lots of possibilities could have emerged, but instead, we end up with the Great Khali vs Antonio Cesario for the US Title belt.

No thanks; count me out for that one match on Monday.