Michael Vick: Best Fits for Multi-Dimensional QB

Chris HummerAnalyst IDecember 30, 2012

Dec 30, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA;  Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) prior to the game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick has had a rough year with the Philadelphia Eagles, and that's putting it lightly.

The much-maligned quarterback has played in just 10 games this season and features a 58 percent completion percentage and a porous 47.5 QBR.

Vick has been a walking turnover machine while battling injury after injury—two things that factored heavily into the Eagles' decision to bench him in favor of rookie Nick Foles, whom the Eagles see as their future under center.

Vick had one last opportunity to make an impact in Week 17 against the Giants, but he floundered. Vick passed for only 197 yards and one touchdown while committing a pair of turnovers as part of a 42-7 pounding at the hands of the New York Giants.

That performance sealed his fate in Philly, as the Eagles will likely cut him this offseason to shed his huge contract.

He may not have a job with the Eagles, but there will still be a few teams in hot pursuit of the multi-talented QB, despite his flaws.

Here are the three best fits for Vick next season.


3. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Forget Tim Tebow. Another left-handed QB should land in Jacksonville.

Vick, while he has had his struggles, is a major upgrade over the Jags' current quarterback, Blaine Gabbert.

Not to mention that he is 10 times the signal caller that Tebow is. Vick runs better, throws better and has even won better than Tebow, at least in the NFL.

The Jags will be picking near the top of the draft and could select a quarterback there. But if they decide to spend that pick on another position of need or come to the conclusion that this year's crop of quarterbacks isn't that good, Vick would fit well.

He'd instantly raise the Jags' level of play, and could bring some elite offensive talent to a remarkably vanilla attack.


2. Buffalo Bills

Much like Vick, it was only a short while ago when the Bills gave Ryan Fitzpatrick the ultimate statement of confidence, rewarding him with a long-term contract.

Much like Vick's mega deal, it hasn't worked out so well.

Fitzpatrick hasn't been terrible this season. He’s thrown for 3,175 yards and has 23 touchdowns to 16 interceptions, but he hasn't taken the step forward the Bills needed him to take in order to contend.

For that reason, and his huge contract, it wouldn't be surprising to see Buffalo move in another direction this offseason.

If they do so, looking east toward Philly wouldn't be all that surprising.

Vick would bring a huge name to a city that could use a little excitement. Plus, his strong arm and ability to make plays is just the sort of thing the Bills have lacked.


1. Arizona Cardinals

Thanks to a 4-0 start, the Cardinals won't be in a position to take a quarterback high in the 2013 NFL draft, meaning they'll have to look toward free agency to find a QB.

And anyone who's watched the NFL this season knows the Cardinals need QB help.

Their quarterback situation has been so bad that it has reduced Larry Fitzgerald, one of the best players in football, to a glorified distraction.

Vick would solve that quickly.

He may not be Kurt Warner, but his ability to make plays in the backfield and to push the ball accurately downfield would be a huge asset for Arizona.

The Cardinals already feature a solid defense. If you add Vick, the offense becomes instantly more explosive.