Joakim Noah Is the Chicago Bulls' Emotional Leader

Haddon AndersonAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2013

Noah is having an All-Star caliber season.
Noah is having an All-Star caliber season.Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Joakim Noah has been known for his emotion since his college days as a Florida Gator. His enthusiasm has always been sure to provide riveting images, and this trend has continued throughout his tenure with the Chicago Bulls.

Noah wears his emotions on his sleeve. Some (namely Bulls fans) love him, and others (almost everybody else) despise him.

He is known throughout the basketball world for his unceasing energy, passion and unparalleled antics. Quite frankly, there are many non-basketball fans aware of Noah because of his trademark antics. He's simply too easy to notice, even for soccer moms.

Therefore, an article delving into why Noah is the Bulls' emotional leader isn't distinctly necessary. That's stating the obvious. This article thus looks at specific visual proof of Noah's emotions on the Bulls. It's sure to entertain.

The Classic Clips

Before we arrive at this season's visual evidence, let's first revisit the timeless hits from previous seasons.

The first classic comes from when Noah flashed his potential as a youngster. In his second NBA season, the Bulls took the reigning NBA champion Boston Celtics to seven games in the opening round. In this Game 6 triple-overtime thriller, Noah notched a game-changing steal and dunk. Then, he let out a ground-shaking scream.

Another classic from Noah featured him conveying his true feelings about the city of Cleveland.

Noah once voiced his agitation with a dancing LeBron James during James' Cleveland Cavalier days.

He also once conveyed his dislike of Boston Celtics forward/center Kevin Garnett.

Noah even once did a dance behind a Bulls reporter.

These past instances are vivid proof that Noah's emotions have always been there and will never leave. 

Trademark Images

Now allow the following pictures to enthrall you further. Here are some prime examples from past seasons.

The Pistols

Before we go any further, we must captivate ourselves with Noah's infamous pistol dance (a routine he has now ended as a sign of respect for the victims in the Connecticut school shootings).

This Season's Images

Now let's zoom in on this season to see how Noah's antics have yet to fade. 

The Icing on the Cake

Joakim Noah's emotion is consistently on display, but on some occasions, it comes out in unique force. This was the story when the Bulls took on the Philadelphia 76ers just a few weeks ago.

The history here stems from the April 2012 playoff series between the Bulls and 76ers. Noah was injured in Game 3 and Philly fans applauded this when it occurred.

Noah thus returned to Philly this season on a mission. His production and energy were seen in convincing fashion. The video below begins with Noah's injury from the playoffs and transitions to his recent dominant performance.

One thing is for sure about Noah: He's always sure to entertain. His personality beckons attention. Some have grown to love it, while others are perpetually annoyed.

What one can't argue with is his infectious emotion and energy. It's at the core of Chicago's success, and his all-around contributions figure to give spark to the Bulls for many years to come.