Michigan Football: 5 Seniors We'd Like to See Go Out with a Win

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIDecember 31, 2012

Michigan Football: 5 Seniors We'd Like to See Go Out with a Win

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    This senior class on Team 133 is a pretty special one in Michigan history. We all know what they've been through during their time here, including the endless amount of criticism the media has given them throughout the years.

    Still, these young men have persevered and now are about to play their final game in a Michigan uniform. So which seniors would we most like to see go out on top?

    Talent and performance is obviously taken into account on this list, but character and leadership are just as important when examining these five seniors.

5. Craig Roh

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    Sure, Craig Roh may not have been the best football player, but he did have a darned good attitude that fans came to know and love.

    Roh has been starting since his freshman year, but unfortunately never developed into a dominant player. Changes on the defensive coaching staff and schemes also have a lot to do with that.

    Even though Michigan is well stocked with young talent at Roh's position, they'll still miss his leadership and personality next year.

    Roh is a guy who never quits and always seemed to maintain a positive attitude.

    Some people would disagree with having him on this list, but he's someone you just can't help but root for.

4. Jordan Kovacs

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    Having Jordan Kovacs on this list is a no-brainer. He's the perfect example of the kind of player fans love to see succeed.

    After not even being pursued by major colleges out of high school, Kovacs wound up walking on at Michigan, eventually becoming a starter and team captain.

    Not even Hollywood could have written a better script for this kid. His leadership qualities and positive attitude will be missed once he graduates.

    Honestly, we may never again see an underdog story as inspiring as the one has Kovacs has put together.

3. Patrick Omameh

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    Patrick Omameh makes it extremely easy for fans to root for him regardless of his mediocre performance. In fact, you could debate that Omameh regressed as his career went on, yet he will certainly be missed after this season.

    Omameh is a completely selfless human being, as he is constantly looking out for the well being of others. This is best demonstrated by his weekly trips to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, where he spends time with the ill patients.

    Omameh is not required to do this, yet chooses to take time out of his busy schedule by making it a weekly priority.

    Patrick is the definition of a true "Michigan Man."

2. Elliott Mealer

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    It was very hard not to put Elliott Mealer No. 1 on this list. If there is a guy fans should want to see succeed, it's Elliott.

    Fans know about the terrible car accident on Christmas Eve a few years ago that claimed the lives of Elliott's girlfriend and father, and left his brother Brock all but paralyzed.

    Yet, we know how that one eventually turned out when Brock was able to walk to midfield of the Big House before the start of the 2010 opener against Connecticut.

    A career backup before this season, Mealer has always maintained an unbelievably positive attitude. That made it even more exciting when it was announced that he would be the starting center this year.

    This kid has basically been through hell and back, yet he has persevered to become a story of inspiration for fans everywhere.

1. Denard Robinson

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    It would be just too hard not to have Robinson No. 1 on this list. He simply means too much to this program to place him anywhere else.

    Regardless of whether some people want to admit it or not, Robinson is the face of Michigan football, and the University is lucky to have him.

    The way he represented himself throughout the years with class and humility is something that most teams lack nowadays.

    Honestly, there was really never a single moment where Robinson wasn't humble when talking to the media, as he ALWAYS put his teammates first.

    Sadly, he will be moving on, and because of the way he has always handled himself, deserves nothing but the best in his future.