Liverpool FC: Adjusted Aims for the Rest of Liverpool's 2012/13 Season

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIDecember 30, 2012

Liverpool FC: Adjusted Aims for the Rest of Liverpool's 2012/13 Season

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    Liverpool started this season on the crest of a wave of expectation which has since disintegrated, leaving them wondering yet again what has to change to bring the glory days back, the days where Liverpool was a name that was feared, and rightly so.

    Liverpool have had to adjust their season aims to make them realistic, and in this article I will put down four realistic aims as succinctly as possible. All right, let's get cracking.

    Oh, for those of you that have forgotten what Jose Enrique looks like with hair—there you go.

1. Finish the League Campaign in the Top Six

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    Liverpool should expect to finish behind Chelsea, the two Manchester clubs, Arsenal and Tottenham, this season at least. However, Liverpool should expect to finish clear of Everton, Newcastle and any other clubs attempting to assert themselves on the more attractive side of the table.

    Liverpool must start to build a platform from which to build next season.

    The top four is still not out of reach this season, but it is, unfortunately, unlikely.

2. Reach the Semifinals of the FA Cup

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    While reaching the semifinals of any competition may be a little optimistic to expect, the unexpected crash out from the Capital One Cup should place heavier emphasis on the importance of the FA Cup to Liverpool’s season.

    Last year Liverpool finished narrow runners-up to Chelsea in the FA Cup, and this year, a similar run would be very well received by supporters.

    If Liverpool can get the luck of the draw this season (though somehow I doubt luck will favour them), a run could well be in the cards.

3. Do the Same in the Europa League

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    Again, this may seem optimistic but given the (generally) solid performances on Thursday nights so far, the electric atmosphere at Anfield and the European reputation Liverpool have, it may not be so far-fetched.

    Liverpool will need to call upon the experience of the likes of Gerrard, Johnson, Agger and Skrtel in terms of European  experience in Liverpool red in order to do well in this year's competition. They must consider themselves contenders for the trophy.

4. Go Undefeated at Anfield from the New Year

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    Liverpool have had an awful time at Anfield recently, which goes some way into explaining why they linger in the mid-table area. If Liverpool are to achieve any of the three aims mentioned, then Anfield must become a fortress.

    No side should be able to come and boss Liverpool around at Anfield, and Brendan Rodgers must drill this into his players.

    As I write this, Liverpool are dominating QPR away from home. That's the kind of performance Liverpool should aim for.

    Thanks for reading.