Go Away, Jose! Baseball World Better off without Canesco's Book

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Go Away, Jose!  Baseball World Better off without Canesco's Book
Does anyone else have the urge to just somehow make Jose Canseco disappear from baseball forever?

I sure do.

Yes, Juiced opened the door as Canseco's "tell all" life story, which included his steroid use and that of up to "85 percent of major leaguers."

Perhaps 85 percent did use 'roids, perhaps not.

That question isn't in dispute. Regardless of the number, we know a high amount have used some type of illegal performance enhancement drug.

His famous book led to other publications such as Game of Shadows, and of course the famous (or infamous depending how you look at it) Mitchell Report.

Congress, who should be doing far more important things (such as, I don't know, fixing our faltering economy to start with) even began investigating and getting its dirty hands into baseball as a result of Canseco's Juiced.

There is no doubt it served as a major player in ending the "steroid era" of baseball and in bringing about stiffer penalties for illegal performance enhancement uses.

Would baseball be better off without Juiced, though?

I submit to you that it would.

Maybe some of you wouldn't like the fact baseball would be continuing in its illegal drug spree, but the old saying "what you don't know won't hurt you" might have been good for the game.

Think about it.  There would be no "I hate Barry" fan clubs, or "Citizens Against Clemens" followings, or even Mark McGwire's pleading of the fifth before Congress had Juiced not come out.

The game would have just continued as it always had and broken records by future Hall of Famers would have been cherished.

That fantasy of course is completely gone now that the book has been out and we know now that arguably the best hitter and best pitcher of our time juiced up.

Sucks doesn't it?

However, Jose can't just stop at Juiced, and he can't stop at a Congressional committee hearing (which he did when they wouldn't let him in the hearings last year).

No, he has a sequel coming out. A sequel! Why does he need a sequel?

Because the Mitchell Report didn't name enough names.

In this sequel, of all things, Alex Rodriguez is accused of trying to find an illegal performance enhancement consultant (is there really such a person?) and also of hitting on Jose's wife.

It seems to me this whole steroids thing has gotten way out of hand.  Does anyone remember the Salem Witch Hunt, by chance?

Canseco had a good career, but is he really spilling the truth or is he leading this hunt to somehow restore his reputation just a little and bank off the book royalties?

85 percent is a high number.  I guess in the end only Jose knows if he is completely telling it all or just screwing with the game.

My proposed solution was stated earlier, and I'll state it again.

Jose, please, for the love of the game, just go away.

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