49ers Bring More Rings To Frisco, Now How About Another Back?

Ronald LipmanCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

Finally a right tackle has come back to San Francisco! A tackle with two recent Superbowl rings and a former Pro Bowler, Marvel Smith. 

The nine-year Pittsburgh vet has signed a contract this afternoon that will pay him around $10 million over the next two years. Smith is 30-years-old and a Bay Area native that attended Oakland's Skyline High. 

He should be much more than a simple upgrade over the last few years of revolving tackles, ie; Kwame Harris... oh yeah, thank you Raiders for snatching him from the Niners last season (lol). 

So now with the signing of Smith does that mean all of these mock drafts out there that have the 49ers picking a offensive tackle obsolete?  Well maybe so, but if nothing else it does free up some room to go in another direction. 

It would be hard not to find a position of need for the Niners, but the offensive line is less of one now.  So whats next on the dinner plate for the 10th pick in the 2009 NFL draft.  Majority of mock drafts out there that don't have the 49ers picking a OT or  USC QB Mark Sanchez. 

If you ask me or Coach Singletary its not going to be a QB. So what comes next?  Well its no secret, the Niners need help at receiver, safety, defensive line. Also with Singletary's run heavy offense another back to help shoulder the load off of Frank Gore. 

So if certain players like Brian Orakpo or Micheal Crabtree don't fall to number 10... how about one of the top backs?  Knowshon Moreno and Chris "Beanie" Wells seem to be great players that could give much excitement and depth at the running back position for the 49ers. 

A run heavy system needs to have two good backs and right now the roster has Gore and Micheal Robinson (former Penn State Quarterback). Now dosen't Gore and Moreno or Wells make you feel better?