UFC 155: 5 Things to Expect from Junior Dos Santos

Matthew Ryder@@matthewjryderFeatured ColumnistDecember 29, 2012

UFC 155: 5 Things to Expect from Junior Dos Santos

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    Junior dos Santos will look to defend his title for a second time on Saturday night in Las Vegas, rematching the man he bested for the belt a little over a year ago in Cain Velasquez.

    The hulking Brazilian has never lost in the UFC, which was the case for Velasquez before he came up against dos Santos in the inaugural UFC on Fox.

    JDS will look to avoid a similar fate in the shattering of his proverbial goose egg on Saturday, likely producing the following five things that fans can expect.

1-Shot Power

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    It's no secret that Junior dos Santos hits you and you go to sleep. Ask any of the 11 guys he's knocked senseless in MMA bouts. Hell, ask Velasquez; he learned that lesson the hard way a year ago.

    It's probably the most appealing aspect of the champ aside from his personality, the fact that you know without question that a Junior dos Santos fight is almost certainly going to end with a violent finish.

Takedown Defense

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    Dos Santos is not an easy man to take down, even if Velasquez didn't try very hard to put the fight there the first time they met. Many people believe he's got some of the best takedown defense in the business, let alone the heavyweight division.

    If Velasquez is on, there's no question that the takedown defense of the champion will be tested.

    Expect to see JDS working to stay on his feet and repeat his showing from the first bout.

Grappling Chops

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    Given his penchant for knocking people unconscious, there isn't alot of jiu-jitsu seen from the champion. He trains with some of the best ground technicians in the world, though, and was recently promoted to black belt.

    While he's going to work to keep the fight standing, you can't help but think it's an inevitability he'll end up on the ground against the best wrestler he's ever faced, who is now (apparently) 100 percent.

    Time to see what that black belt is all about on Saturday night.

Potential Overconfidence

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    This one may be a stretch, given the focus and intensity it takes to become a champion plus the natural respectfulness dos Santos shows his opponents, but there has to be a concern that he may be overconfident going into the Velasquez fight.

    The reality is that, as an unheralded, on-the-rise heavyweight that people only started noticing a couple of fights before his title shot, he knocked out the greatest hype train the heavyweight class had ever seen.

    In a minute.

    Now he's going to have a chance to do it again?

    You have to figure he likes his chances. Hopefully he doesn't like them too much, though, because Velasquez is no joke and he'd hurt the champ for having too much confidence.

An Alistair Overeem Callout (With a Win)

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    Make no mistake: Junior dos Santos is a nice guy. Probably the nicest in MMA, actually.

    But he hates Alistair Overeem, and there is no doubt that he's going to call Overeem out if he bests Cain Velasquez on Saturday night.

    The two were marked to headline UFC 146 before Overeem failed a random performance-enhancement test for the Nevada State Athletic Commission and was pulled from the card. Dos Santos was vocal about The Reem then, The Reem has been vocal about dos Santos in response, and the cycle (pun intended, maybe?) has continued ever since.

    If he's still the champion when the final bell rings on Saturday, look for dos Santos to take it to the next level and call Overeem out publicly.