11 Wrestling Superstars the WWE Must Sign Now

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJanuary 1, 2013

11 Wrestling Superstars the WWE Must Sign Now

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    It's getting boring. Enough, already.

    While we are all fixated on the idea of The Rock and CM Punk, which should be epic in terms of match star power. We still need more. Yes, this match has the chance to top Rock/Cena from WrestleMania 28, but other than that, what has the WWE given us lately beside The Shield and the return of Ric Flair?

    Having AJ Lee dump on men every other week and seeing John Cena fall further and further into the abyss just doesn't cut it. Having The Rock come back to try to "save" the WWE won't work or even last, and someone like Chris Jericho is still in contract negotiations with the company.

    There is a certain need of adrenaline that is needed to help not only the company but the brands, or lack thereof, from falling further and further off the cliff.

    Oh, and for the record, running over Santa last Monday night might have been the lowest point of Raw all year.

    What this company needs are writers and a creative team that can take an angle and work backward, much like Eric Bischoff did with the start of the nWo. The WWE also could use some more talent. Seeing the same matches over and over again not only on the evening programs, but on pay-per-view events is not getting it done.

    Here are few wrestlers who could infuse some adrenaline into a very stagnant and potentially flailing company.

AJ Styles

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    While the heel turn in TNA is eminent, I wonder what he would do in the WWE.

    Since day one, Styles has been the face of the company and has done it all and won everything. Now, with nothing left to accomplish, he is caught in a very tough crossroads. A change is needed and maybe a new landscape.

Jame Mitchell

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    I want to see him as the leader of The Shield. I am not sure why, but seeing Mitchell, the "Sinister Minister," come out in black and lead The Shield is a really appealing thing.

    Seriously, though, Mitchell would be great as a manager of singles and tag team wrestlers. The company does not have an "Abyss-like" wrestler in the company, so he must take another approach. 

    The leader of three rogue wrestlers who want to solve injustices in the WWE works.

Gail Kim

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    She is a fixture right now in TNA and the Knockouts Division, but the WWE misses her pure wrestling style.

    Gail Kim is one of the 10 best female wrestlers of all time and seeing her challenge Eve or maybe Tamina would certainly boost the female program in the WWE.

Kurt Angle

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    Not sure this will happen, but Angle is right in the middle of the pack in TNA right now.

    He is always a contender for the TNA World Championship, but there is a log jam there with many contenders who are good but not as refined as the former Olympic champion.

    Plus, when he retires, shouldn't his last match be in a WWE ring?


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    They could build the Diva's Division around her.

    There is something about ODB that is scary, sexy and down right dangerous.

    Everything you want in a female wrestler. And the WWE needs someone new to come in and shake a few things up with its women in the ring.

    And the best thing about ODB is, she wrestles and moves and is dynamic. Try saying that about half the Divas roster right now.

Shelton Benjamin

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    Bring him back. I was upset when he left the WWE in the first place. An awesome talent that could have been the leader of the band in the next decade.

    Benjamin is a talent the WWE needs and whether he is face or heel (heel is how I would go) doesn't matter as long as he brings the same energy in the ring he had when he was just starting out.

    Here is a thought: Could he and Brock Lesnar (former OVW tag team champions years ago) come back and join Paul Heyman and CM Punk?

Austin Aries

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    This would have been so much better when CM Punk was a face champion and was taking on the likes of Daniel Bryan in some of the best matches of 2012.

    Aries would have raised that trinity to a whole new level.

    It is true that right now, Aries is the best heel in TNA and his ability to take his performance to a whole new level with the microphone and challenge everyone as the companies best antagonist.

    Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode are all linked to rivalries with the cruiserweight.

    Bringing Aries into the WWE could mean a great program with the likes of Daniel Bryan and possibly Kofi Kingston.

Bully Ray

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    He has been one of the continuing shining stars of TNA the last two years.

    And he could carry TNA if given the chance to hold the world title. That appears, will not happen any time soon.

    Bringing one half of Team 3-D back to the WWE is a good move and could be a real positive for the company in either a face or heel role.

    I am not sure where the "love" angle between Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray is going, but it makes no sense if you have a dynamic character like Ray in the title picture or someone who is just getting over as a face in the "Aces & Eights" angle.

    Still, he is a bright spot in the company.

James Storm and Bobby Roode

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    Together as a package, please.

    Beer, Inc in the tag team division. Sorry about your damn luck, boys. 

    There is a tight rope that has become the top contenders for the TNA World Championship. Roode is in the thick of it. Storm is as well, but Roode is the honey that brings the bees to the hive.

    Together, they would rule WWE's tag team division. And seeing them compete against The Shield would be pretty awesome.

Samoa Joe

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    He is a beast in the ring and someone who I believe could give both Brock Lesnar and Wade Barrett one hell of a run.

    Joe is the type that would be loved even when he is hated. Bruiser Brody, Triple H, Old Anderson and the agility of Chris Benoit all in one.

    He will never get back to world title status in TNA, so the WWE should come in and scoop his talents up.