WWE: Cast Your Vote for the 2012 Smarky Awards

Anthony Rizzuti@@Anthony_RizzutiSenior Analyst IIIDecember 29, 2012

WWE: Cast Your Vote for the 2012 Smarky Awards

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    Back by popular demand, I welcome the Bleacher Report wrestling community to the second annual Smarky Awards.

    As WWE fans, we are often subject to individual opinions by writers concerning their thoughts on a particular year. But now, it's time for us smarks to let our voice be heard.

    Continue on to cast your votes for the 2012 edition of the Smarky Awards.


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    The Smarky Awards contain 20 categories. Each category contains five nominees apiece. The results will be revealed on Monday. Cast your votes using by using the ballot below. Copy and paste the ballot below in the comment section and fill out your choices:


    Superstar of the Year:

    Match of the Year:

    Pay-Per-View of the Year:

    Moment of the Year:

    Feud of the Year:

    Tag Team of the Year:

    Diva of the Year:

    Trio of the Year:

    Newcomer of the Year:

    Mic Worker of the Year:

    Announcer of the Year:

    Non-Wrestler of the Year:

    Face of the Year:

    Heel of the Year:

    Breakout Star of the Year:

    Snub of the Year:

    Return of the Year:

    Crowd Chant of the Year:

    Fail of the Year:

    Story of the Year: 

Superstar of the Year

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    Who was the top WWE Superstar in 2012?

    Big Show

    CM Punk

    Daniel Bryan

    John Cena


Match of the Year

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    What was the best WWE match in 2012?

    Undertaker vs. Triple H (WrestleMania XXVIII)

    The Rock vs. John Cena (WrestleMania XXVIII)

    John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules)

    CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan (Over the Limit)

    The Shield vs. Ryback & Team Hell No (TLC)

Pay-Per-View of the Year

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    What was the best WWE pay-per-view of 2012?

    WrestleMania XXVIII

    Extreme Rules

    Night of Champions

    Survivor Series


Moment of the Year

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    What was the most captivating moment of 2012? (The nominees do not include returns. Returns will have a separate category.)

    Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels' "End of an Era"

    The Rock defeats John Cena at WrestleMania

    CM Punk turns heel

    Dolph Ziggler wins the Money in the Bank briefcase

    The Shield debuts

Feud of the Year

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    Which two wrestlers staged the best WWE feud in 2012?

    CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

    CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

    Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

    CM Punk vs. Ryback

    Big Show vs. Sheamus

Tag Team of the Year

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    Which tag team was the WWE's best in 2012?

    Primetime Players

    Primo & Epico

    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

    Team Hell No

    Team Rhodes Scholars

Diva of the Year

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    Who was the top WWE Diva of 2012?

    AJ Lee




    Vickie Guerrero

Trio of the Year

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    Which three superstars made for the best trio in 2012? (I hesitate to use the word "stable" in this category.)


    Brodus Clay and the Funkadactyls

    Dolph Ziggler with AJ Lee and Big E Langston

    Primo & Epico with Rosa

    The Shield

Newcomer of the Year

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    Who was the top superstar to debut in 2012? (Ryback does not qualify as he was Skip Sheffield prior to this year.)

    Antonio Cesaro

    Damien Sandow

    Dean Ambrose

    Roman Reigns

    Seth Rollins

Mic Worker of the Year

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    Who exhibited the best mic skills of 2012?

    CM Punk

    Damien Sandow

    Daniel Bryan

    John Cena

    The Miz

Announcer of the Year

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    Who was the best WWE announcer of 2012?

    Jerry Lawler

    Jim Ross

    John Bradshaw Layfield

    Josh Mathews

    Michael Cole

Non-Wrestler of the Year

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    Who was the best non-wrestling personality in 2012?

    Booker T

    John Laurinaitis

    Paul Heyman

    Ricardo Rodriguez

    Vickie Guerrero

Face of the Year

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    Who was WWE's top face of 2012?

    John Cena

    Kofi Kingston

    Rey Mysterio



Heel of the Year

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    Who was WWE's top heel of 2012?

    Antonio Cesaro

    Big Show

    CM Punk

    Daniel Bryan

    Dolph Ziggler

Breakout Star of the Year

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    Who was the biggest breakout star of the year?

    AJ Lee

    Antonio Cesaro

    Brodus Clay

    Dolph Ziggler


Snub of the Year

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    Which WWE superstar was most underutilized in 2012?

    Drew McIntyre

    Jack Swagger

    Michael McGillicutty

    Ted DiBiase

    Yoshi Tatsu

Return of the Year

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    Who had the best return in 2012?

    Brock Lesnar

    Chris Jericho

    D-Generation X

    Ric Flair


Crowd Chant of the Year

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    What was the best WWE crowd chant of 2012?

    "Cody's Mustache"


    "Feed Me More"

    "Let's Go Cena, Cena Sucks"



Fail of the Year

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    Which was the biggest disappointment of 2012?

    AJ Lee/John Cena storyline

    Divas' Division

    Hornswoggle revealed as the Anonymous Raw GM

    Tensai's Rise and Fall

    The Miz's "But your mom does" Link here

Story of the Year

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    What was the top WWE story of 2012?

    AJ Lee's crazy antics

    Brock Lesnar returns to the ring

    CM Punk's WWE Title reign

    Infusion of new talent

    Jerry Lawler's miraculous comeback

Thank You for Voting

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    Your votes will be tallied up over the weekend. You will have until Sunday night at midnight to vote.

    The results will be revealed on Monday morning.

    Thanks for voting!