BR Proposals: How To Improve This Already Awesome Site.. we need CHANGE

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IMarch 27, 2009

"When we stop growing, we start shrinking"

That, my friends, is true to its truest sense. Since joining the B/R community last Christmas season (Christmas gift perhaps) I've found my stay worthwhile, and it's proved to be an enticing experience.

Great writers here and there, excellent discussions here and there, genuine updates here and there...

Speaking of genuine updates, B/R has undergone "multiple revisions" for the last couple of weeks.

Foxes on the hen house page, the writer syndication policy, the rate-my-comment-as-funny-insightful-or-spot-on, the much-improved comment thread.

All of those genuine updates are for the common good, for the enhancement of this wonderful community, and for the betterment of each and every one of us.

Still, we mustn't stop there.

Learning is a life long process.

On the other hand, improving B/R is a site long process.

I'm not an authority on this, but I do believe that suggestions are always welcome. After all, this is a free country (irrespective of where you are, I myself am in the Philippines, just saying).

I have some proposals I think will do good for the community. Either you like it or you don't.

If you don't like it, thank you. If you do like it, thank you very much.

We are a community, and a community as defined by is as follows:

"Sharing, participation, and fellowship"

So, without further ado, I bring forth my first proposal, "The Breakout Writer for the Week."

The "BW4W" (The Breakout Writer for the Week) is an award given every Sunday (or any other day Zander would like) to the writer who has accomplished a remarkable feat during the most recent seven-day period.

It's the writer who showed promise and captivated the minds of his/her readers. The writer "came out of his shell" and made something out of nothing.

Example: LJ Burgess doesn't write much often, but his last writeup about one month ago is a POTD (correct me If I'm wrong), "BW4W" material!

"Birds of the same feather flock together"

B/R is born on American soil...right? Of course. But right now, B/R does not only cater to the American audience. Writers come from different countries, different cultures, and different heritage, as do the readers.

What I propose is a "National Page" for all those minorities...for the Filipinos, Indians, Chinese, Mexican, etc. writers.

I envisioned a "National Page" wherein writers would write stuff about how their national sports figures fair in their national leagues or how they are similar to their national hero, national political icon, or how a certain national policy affects sports.

So much nationalism I guess...

Next off, a "Heart to Heart" page

I've written a significant number of articles that literally touch the hearts of my readers (at least that's what the comment thread suggest. Maybe yes, maybe no).

From my "My Sports Hero: Not Kobe Bryant, Not LeBron James...Just My Uncle" piece, to my "If Life Could Be Just Like Sports" masterpiece, to Todd Civin's "You Came in 14th, Dad...How Great Is That?" superb obra maestra, and to the Kristin Hamlins and the Pete McKeowns.

Those kinds of articles must be placed side by side in a "H2H" page.

Reason...I'm feeling down and I think I'm a sore loser. I open up my computer and turned on B/R. I need the much needed feel-good story, some inspiration probably. Where will I go?

Reader's digest...nah!!

B/R's Heart to Heart page... =)

My last proposal, and probably my favorite one, the "Newbie of the Week" award, or should I say the "NOW" award.

This will feature the scribe/contributor who has done a great job for the week that ended. The scribe/contributor who voiced out his opinions not only by writing, but also by joining in the discussions in the comment threads.

"Now" award because "Now" is the time for the scribes/contributors to step up and enjoy their fair share of exposure and publicity.

Well, those are just a few examples...I still have so much stored in my brain, but I'm a little sleepy right now. I'm sure you guys also have your own suggestions, and that's why the space above is vacant. That is for you to voice out your opinions and maybe share your own proposals.

Now allow me to go back to bed!!

(I'd appreciate any applause coming from any one of you guys...Sarah I'm not whining, but allow me to tagged this in the "Whining" page.. haha..)