And the Bleacher Report Award Goes To…

Tim PollockSenior Writer IMarch 25, 2008

Having been a part of Bleacher Report for a good four months now, I felt it was time to stop analyzing others and pay tribute to ourselves for a second.    

Maybe it’s because I’m a nosy person, but reading the bio’s of other writers is entertaining to me.  And we certainly have some characters on Bleacher Report. 

That said, I spend the majority of my time checking college football and basketball, the NBA, and the NFL pages.  My apologies if I have not sufficiently represented the NHL, EPL, and MLB pages. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the Bleacher Report Writer Awards nominees.  I will refrain from choosing winners.  That’s your job.   


Best Picture    

- Without a doubt, Alberti’s shirtless picture would have won hands-down, but for those who haven’t noticed yet, he recently switched to the mysterious yellow house.  Ryan, how could you? 

- Trey Bradley:  Nothing beats a Mangino picture.    

- Eric Brown:  Sort of creepy but wins you over.   Bio is worth a read, too.  

- Andrew Gordon:  Like I just got a Nintendo for the first time again. 

- Marty Andrade:  I have no idea what’s going on here.  Apparently I am supposed to know who this is.  I unfortunately do not.  

- Wes Howard:  Again, a little creepy.

- Dave Nemetz:  Not funny, but a classic.


Best Bio    

- Jux Berg:  This dude is hilarious. 

- Elisabeth Galina:  Some would say long-winded, but worth the read.    

- Ben Allaire: A bit eccentric, and the picture adds to it.    

- Dave Finocchio:  Nice balance of humor and seriousness.  Gets assistance from the picture.    

- Adnan Tezer:  Nobody links a bio and a picture together better.  Plus it’s literary, and that’s cool. 

- David Boduch:  Brief but good.  The picture completes it.

- Kevin Brown:  Between the picture and the bio, this is good stuff.  

- Eric Jackson:  What can I say, I like the honesty about this one.  


Most Underrated Writer    

There is only one candidate:  Tim Cary    

This guy gave up four days of his life (March Madness Marathon) for Bleacher Report; he writes well; he comments frequently.  And only two fans?  Shame on Bleacher Report. 

Read this man’s stuff!


Nicest Writer   

- Jake Widlowski:  Not only does this guy write “thanks” every other word, his “Dear Bleacher Report” article single-handedly got the Bleacher Report t-shirt wave started.  It has since morphed into a lunchbox line.   

- Jay Middleton:  The “offensive lineman” of Bleacher Report:  does all the work but doesn’t get the glory.  Jay is an awesome editor, and always has something good to say about your work, even if it stinks. 

- Erick Blasco:  Don’t let the quasi-“gang symbol/mean face” picture fool you—Erick will break you off with a “Great article!” or “Thanks so much!” or “I appreciate it!” before you finish posting your article or comment.  He’s even been known to drop the “LOL” when the comment is really more of a “I sort of chuckled when I read this.” 

- Zander Freund:  We all get the posts on our boards and the e-mails, prodding us on to better work, praising us for our efforts, or thanking us.  Zander is the guy that makes moms say, “What a nice young man.”  


Most Productive Writers    

If Bleacher Report had a fantasy team, these guys would be the first picks.  These dudes are stat-fillers:   

I’d write something about each one, but they would all say the same thing.  All of these writers have a ton of articles, comments, and fans.  Kudos, gentlemen…   

- Sean Crowe, aka SeanMC    

- John Fennelly    

- Michael Whittenberg   

- Andrew McNair    

- Eric Blasco

- Ron Johnson    

- Trey Bradley   


Best Comments 

These guys not only make comments, they practically write articles within articles.  Always ready to give feedback, these two bring it:   

- David Williams:  David is Mr. Well Rounded of comments, making his way to each page and offering insight.

- Robert H. Spain:  Robert’s been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but his comment numbers are still ridiculously high.  

I hope I did justice to the site’s contributors.  It’s been fun getting to know more and more of you.  

My apologies to anyone I forgot. 

Feel free to chime in with your own suggestions.