Austin Golson: Highlights, Scouting Report for 4-Star Recruit

Full RideB/R VideoDecember 28, 2012

Four-star offensive lineman Austin Golson will make football fans very happy and opposing defensive lineman miserable.

Weighing in at 285 pounds, Golson has already accrued enough muscle mass to handle himself against the defensive linemen at the next level. He also has a little more room to add bulk over the next couple of years, if he so chooses. 

Golson stands at 6'6" at just 18 years old, so he hit his physical maturity much faster than most high school studs. He is a mountain to get around, and he uses his long limbs to prevent defenders from moving around him. 

One big issue that Golson will have to work on at the next level is technique, particularly on running plays. Despite his size and adequate strength, he does not drive defenders, leaving the running back out to dry more often than not. 

As long as Golson is able to use his size and get underneath a defender, he can be dominant. The problem is he just doesn't do that enough to be an elite offensive lineman in college football, at least not yet. 

Pass protection is Golson's specialty. It allows him to better utilize his size and length that run blocking just doesn't afford him the opportunity. He is much better coming out of his stance, setting his feet and waiting for defenders to try getting around him. 

Far from a perfect prospect, Golson could actually end up being one of the most underrated players in this recruiting class. He has plenty of work to do in order to reach his full potential, but the tools are already there, he has room to grow physically and the ceiling is off the charts.

Results may not show immediately, but Golson's development should be exciting for fans to watch over the next few years.


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