Blake Griffin Rocks CP3's Fake Mustache

Josh BenjaminCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2012

On Christmas Day, there was a State Farm Insurance commercial starring Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul in two roles. Besides playing himself, Paul also plays his long-lost twin brother, named Cliff Paul. The greatest difference between the two brothers, besides the obvious, is that Cliff has a classy mustache and glasses, plus an outfit that makes him look like a combination of Steve Urkel and Carlton Banks.

Not only is the commercial itself hilarious, but Paul's teammates have apparently embraced it as well. As Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles posted on his Instagram, Paul's prime go-to guy and Clippers dunk machine Blake Griffin was wearing a Cliff Paul moustache during an interview!

Needless to say, the laughs are aplenty with this picture. Not only is Griffin already kind of a goofy-looking individual, but the mustache combined with the winter clothes he's wearing make him look almost professorial.

Think about it. Looking at Griffin right there, don't you expect him to hand back a recently graded paper or exam? More importantly, imagine him lecturing the class on how they need to pay more attention to the reading.

In another light, as one of the Instagram commenters noted, doesn't Griffin look a bit like famed musician Lionel Richie? There's a good Kia commercial idea right there! Have Griffin sing about the car to the tune of either "Hello" or "All Night Long," and the cars sell themselves.

Just the same, it's clear that the Cliff Paul mustache has taken the Clippers locker room by storm. Maybe Chris Paul himself will grow his out, or maybe the teammates will all take the floor wearing phony mustaches in solidarity. Either way, from a fan's perspective, it's great to see that the team is having fun with the concept.