The Top 10 NFL Bloopers of 2012

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 29, 2012

The Top 10 NFL Bloopers of 2012

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    The 2012 NFL playoffs are almost here, which means it is time to take a look back at the top bloopers the season had to offer. 

    What a season for bloopers it was. Between replacement officials and laughably bad franchises such as the New York Jets, there is no end of material to consider for a top 10 bloopers list. That is not even counting the failed celebrations and rare mishaps that occurred. 

    For a blooper to appear on a year-end top 10 list, it not only has to be unique; it has to be wildly entertaining. 

    Let's take a look back at the 10 best bloopers of the 2012 NFL season. 

10. The Dolphins Have a Buffalo Wild Wings Moment

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    The Miami Dolphins had an interesting day in Week 12 when the sprinklers on the field went off during a game against the Seattle Seahawks. 

    The event reminded most fans of a horrible, overplayed Buffalo Wild Wings commercial—except Gus Johnson was not making the call, and it occurred in the third quarter. 

    Maybe there was some crazy old man in a control room that decided to flip the switch. Who knows. 

    Either way, the Dolphins wound up defeating the Seahawks and giving us a funny blooper in the process. 

9. Brandon Weeden Gets Tackled by the American Flag

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    Brandon Weeden was a controversial pick by the Cleveland Browns in last year's draft. He certainly did not get off to a hot start with this early-season blunder. 

    Weeden managed to somehow get sacked by the American flag in pregame warm-ups.

    How he missed a gigantic flag flying toward him is baffling, but one things is for sure: This is absolutely going to impact his Madden awareness rating, which will likely end up around minus-29. 

8. Danny Amendola Dislikes the Elderly

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    Danny Amendola is frustrated, which is understandable given the fact he is unable to remain healthy enough to consistently stay on the field. 

    That does not mean the St. Louis Rams receiver has a right to take his frustrations out on the elderly like he does in the video above. 

    Amendola is one of the NFL's best-kept secrets, but this made fans everywhere fully aware of him for all the wrong reasons.

    The usher Amendola brutalized turned out just fine, which makes this one of the more entertaining bloopers of the season. 

7. Pregame Warm-Up Mishap in Tampa Bay

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    The Washington Redskins' Brandon Meriweather and Aldrick Robinson managed to make the 2012 blooper reel after colliding in pregame warm-ups in Tampa Bay. 

    Both suffered injuries, but they returned to play later in the season. Meriweather banged up his knee, while Robinson suffered a concussion. 

    While the injuries certainly are not funny, the incident is a unique blooper nonetheless. A mishap like this is a reminder that the NFL is a physical league, even while warming up. 

    Just ask Ian Rapport of NFL Network...

6. Sideline Reporters Are People Too...

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    Ian Rapport was in his first season, if you will, with NFL Network and was assigned to perform a pregame report before the Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers kicked off. 

    Rapport subsequently received a football to the dome mid-sentence, but played it off like a champ. 

    For that, Mr. Rapport, you deserve a spot on the 2012 top 10 bloopers list. 

5. Meanwhile, on the Indianapolis Bench...

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    You would think NFL players would at some point realize that cameras are on them the entire time. That includes while they are sitting on the bench. 

    But hey, life has to get boring riding the bench the entire season. Just ask Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman A.Q. Shipley, who was caught digging for gold on national television. 

    It's OK, Shipley. We all do it. You were just brave enough to do it not only in front of a stadium of 50,000 or more people, but in front of a national audience. Bravo. 

4. Replacement Referee Commits Pass Interference

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    It was a popular trend to make fun of replacement officials thrust on the job at a moment's notice earlier this season. 

    Even funnier, though, was when the replacements had a direct impact on the game, intentional or not. 

    In Week 3, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree ran a route into the end zone, only to trip and fall after slipping on a hat the replacement had thrown in his path. 

    Whether the referee had a beef with Ogletree may never be known, but it is one of the more memorable moments of the replacements' brief taste of stardom. 

3. Vernon Davis Shows Why He Doesn't Play Basketball

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    Vernon Davis is without a doubt one of the NFL's best tight ends, but he should leave the slam-dunk celebration to a guy named Tony Gonzalez. 

    Davis is risking injury to himself and others by attempting celebrations he clearly is not capable of performing. He should keep it simple and leave the advanced movements to NFL veterans for now. 

    There were few things more entertaining than hearing the massive thud echo through a television set when Davis was rejected by the inanimate object, making it one of the year's best bloopers. 

2. The Hail Mary That Ended a Lockout

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    It's all fun and games with NFL replacement referees until a group of them goes out and actually alters the outcome of a game. 

    Case in point—the Monday Night Football catastrophe between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. 

    To be brief, the Packers should have sealed a victory via a last-second interception, but the Seahawks won on an officiating botch that ruled Seattle receiver Golden Tate caught a touchdown pass. 

    It certainly was not funny at the time, but it managed to end the lockout quickly and return things back to normal. Now it's simply one of the funniest mishaps the 2012 season had to offer. 

1. Mark Sanchez's Butt Fumble

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    As if the circus known as the New York Jets could not be any more entertaining this year, Mark Sanchez had to go and fumble after running into his teammate's rear end. 

    It's one thing for Sanchez to fumble after taking a hit. After all, Sanchez is a quarterback, a position that does not handle taking hits well, especially now that the league babies them at every corner. 

    That said, Sanchez was essentially tackled by a man's hind-parts. Not only did the rear end tackle him, it caused him to fumble. Said fumble was not only picked up by the opposing team, but it was returned for a touchdown. 

    Sanchez himself is the biggest blooper in the NFL for more reasons than one. His butt fumble managed to take the cake. Well done, Mark.