Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts: Live Score, Highlights and Analysis

Jeffery RoyContributor IIIDecember 30, 2012

The Indianapolis Colts have finished off a remarkable regular season by preventing the Houston Texans from seizing the top AFC playoff seed by a score of 28-16.

The questions surrounding both teams are many:

Are the Colts really this good? Statistically, they resemble an 8-8 squad instead of one with an 11-5 record.

How much has emotion played in the Indianapolis turnaround? It was obvious today as Chuck Pagano returned to the sidelines, but it must have given them some sort of edge since he went into treatment after Week 3 of the season.

Are the Texans this bad? To be 11-1 at one point, and go 1-3 down the stretch makes everyone wonder which mark is more representative of their ability?

Did Houston start believing their press clippings when they were ranked No.1 just one month ago? Could it be something as trivial as the letterman jackets they donned before the Patriots game may have exposed just how immature they really are?

Lady Luck may give the Texans an assist if  the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots happened to lose their final games of the season. Because the Texans certainly could not earn it on their own.

The Colts, meanwhile, can feel satisfied and probably don't give a damn who they face next in the Wild Card round. Just like their head coach, they have beaten the odds all year long.