WWE: 5 Pro Wrestlers Who Should Be World Champion in 2013

Aaron Gales@@AaronSportLive Correspondent IIDecember 28, 2012

WWE: 5 Pro Wrestlers Who Should Be World Champion in 2013

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    The year 2012 has been the year of the long World Title reign.

    CM Punk's time as WWE Champion now spans over 400 days, and the World Heavyweight Championship has only been held by Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and the Big Show in 2012.

    In 2013, I believe this will be very different and belts change hands on more than one occasion with WWE looking to build the careers of some of their most promising and already established talent.

    I have identified five wrestlers who should be given a run with the championship gold in 2013.

    Most of these wrestlers have already held a World Title of some description during their careers. But I believe they have earned the right to be champions again in 2013.

Daniel Bryan

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    The worst part of 2012 for me was the disgraceful way the WWE awarded the title to Sheamus at WrestleMania.

    Daniel Bryan had built himself as a more than credible champion with a growing following in the stands with the opening match on the biggest stage and was one of the most highly anticipated contests of the night.

    For Bryan to lose the belt with less than 10 seconds of the match gone was a travesty and was extremely unpopular with the WWE fans.

    While he stayed in the main event picture for a while, with some truly magnificent matches with CM Punk along the way, in recent months he has fallen out of contention for world championship gold.

    He remains extremely over with the fans and his work with Kane has been a joy to watch.

    If anyone deserves another run at the top of the company it is Daniel Bryan.

Randy Orton

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    Many people may disagree with this decision after the controversial year Randy Orton has endured, but I believe that it is absolutely essential that Randy Orton is back in the title picture in 2013,

    For someone of his undoubted talent and popularity, it has been far too long since he has been at the very top.

    With an improved attitude and continued excellence in the ring, I could see Orton fighting for Championship gold at WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes

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    In the last few months, Cody Rhodes hasn't enjoyed the best period of his career in the WWE. This time last year he was one of the red-hot stars of the company, but in the last 12 months his career he has somewhat stalled.

    There is no reason he can't turn things around.

    He is a great worker in the ring, much improved on the mic and has the charisma required to be one of WWE's top stars.

    Out of the five superstars I have picked, Cody is probably the least likely to become a World Champion in 2013, but I hope I am proved wrong.

Wade Barrett

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    The only thing that has prevented Wade Barrett from becoming a multiple World Champion is his terrible injury record since he joined WWE.

    The guy has absolutely everything required to be a dominant heel in the company. He has the physique, personality and in-ring skills to be one of the greatest if he can just manage to keep himself off the treatment table.

    Barrett will undoubtedly be a contender to win the Royal Rumble in January.


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    Now I'm sure many of you will say that there are many more contenders far worthy for a shot at championship gold, but we are all entitled to our own opinions, and I would love to see Christian as a World Champion again in 2013.

    The guy has served WWE brilliantly since making his debut all those years ago, and his two World Title reigns do not do him justice.

    He is still hugely popular with the fans—whether as a face or a heel—fantastic to watch in the ring and one of the best on the mic in the company for many years.

    I think there is a very strong chance that Christian will be recognised by the powers that be in 2013 and given one more run with the gold, much in the same way that Big Show was acknowledged this year.