A Future WWE Storyline

joey ferraraContributor IMarch 27, 2009

as most of us know the WWE is planning on at the draft have undertaker and triple h swich places with rey mysterio and john cena.Legacy is already on Raw so i think what the WWE should do is have Legacy become one big unit by having the whole team be Randy Orton,Money inc,D.H.Smith,Natyla,Jesse(Terry Ray Gordy, Jr),Joe Henning,and even bring the colons or one of them(carlito)over from smackdown and have sim snuka rejoin to make it intersting have chris jericho join randy orton as the co leader(even though he isnt 2nd genration).so anway since taker is new to raw and is a legend chris jericho still playing that legend killer fueds with him.orton still fueds with triple h so undertaker and triple h join forces and the ministry return and it it will be undertaker,dx,punk,kane,cryme tyme,batista and a diva who undertaker captures and makes into a goth(i am thinking kelly kelly)since she would make one hot looking goth.they would fued for a while and even get one owner from the company on each side(if the first question comes true