New York Jets and Giants Prove With PSL's That The Common Fan Is a Sucker!

beezo philipsContributor IMarch 27, 2009

We, the fans.  We are the ones who allow them to live like kings.  We are the ones that pay the outrageous salaries of professional athletes.  We are the ones, who's pure love and loyalty of our teams, get kicked in our faces by those very franchises time and time again.  I have endless examples of this blatant lack of respect, but today I am going to focus on PSL's, or Personal Seat Licenses.

The New York Football Jets and Giants are getting ready to open up their new stadium.  Before they do that, they want to kill the soul of their old one.  What made going to a Giants or Jets game great?  The true fans.  The fans in sitting in outer space, who lived and breathed their team for all of these years. They are now being thrown in the garbage.  Not needed anymore.  The powers that be for both organizations are actually trying to convince anyone that will listen that the licenses that they are forcing people to buy at thousands and thousands of dollars, just for the privilege to buy tickets on top of them, are a good investment.

Logically, we all know what kind of BS that really is.  We know that the only ones that really will benefit from this are the teams.  Meanwhile, fans that have been going to every game for the past 30 years are being shown the door as a gift for all of their years of loyalty.  Survival of the richest is taking place.  Those who can't pony up, are out.  Nobody cares if they have bought every ticket to every game for 30 years!  Travesty!

I pose a question to all of you.  PSL's are needed to have the right to purchase tickets.  Without a PSL, you can't buy tickets.  Or that is what they tell us anyway.  Once you buy a PSL, you own it.  So with that in mind, my question is, what happens if you buy PSL's, and then refuse to buy tickets?  Wouldn't it be logical that the team would not be allowed to sell those seats to anybody else?  If that is the case, and please help me clarify that, how great would it be if half the stadium bought PSL's, and refused to buy tickets, forcing these teams to only be able to fill half of their new stadiums for every game!  Fight back people!

The Beez