21 Moments in Sports That Athletes Regret

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21 Moments in Sports That Athletes Regret
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“I did not inhale.” “It’s not like I wanted to urinate in your bed.” “She told me she was eighteen, officer.”

There aren’t enough slides in the world to cover all the things we’ve done in our lives that we’ve ended up regretting. 

Fortunately, however, most of us make our big mistakes outside the lens of the national media’s cameras, and only have to shoulder the shame and humiliation in front of our friends and family.

Athletes, on the other hand, are not so fortunate—every pig-headed play, botched publicity stunt and heinous foul they pull on camera gets recorded, replayed and picked apart by people like your friendly, neighborhood Bleacher Report writers. 

They’re everything from completely wrong to delectably moronic—they’re the sports moments athletes just want to forget ever happened.

And they promise—it wasn’t their best day.

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