Washington Redskins: 5 Free Agents Washington Should Avoid

Korey Beckett@@KoreyBeckettBRContributor IIIDecember 29, 2012

Washington Redskins: 5 Free Agents Washington Should Avoid

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    Things have changed in Washington. Think about it. Who are the best players on the team?

    Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris, Fred Davis, Trent Williams, Pierre Garcon, London Fletcher, Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan.

    Those are probably the names that pop into your mind. Now which of those have been acquired through free agency? Just Pierre Garcon and London Fletcher.

    The Redskins have been content to build through the draft as of late, and so far, it has paid off tremendous dividends. Win or lose against Dallas this Sunday, the 2012 season was a pretty huge success.

    If they do lose to Dallas on Sunday and miss the playoffs after being as close as humanly possible, I fear that the front office might try to make too big of a splash in free agency. It may not be the case as Dan Snyder seems to have turned a leaf, but it's never out of the realm of possibility.

    If the wallet does open up in the offseason (which would be unlikely with the Redskins' cap penalties) here are the players that the Redskins should avoid, for various reasons.

Reggie Bush

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    As of late, Reggie Bush has looked like he has recaptured a piece of his Heisman winning form for the Dolphins. He's not setting the world on fire, but he's done well for himself over the past few weeks.

    He is scheduled to be a free agent in the offseason and a big name like Bush sounds like someone the Redskins used to pine after. Now, the Redskins should be content with Alfred Morris.

    Morris fits the system perfectly, and adding Reggie Bush (or any other running back, for that matter) would just be a waste of money.

    Steven Jackson is also on the market at the running back position, but like Bush, he should be avoided as well. Don't try to fix something if it isn't broken, and right now the running game is clearly not broken.

    Evan Royster often comes in as a third-down back, and with the money he makes, having Reggie Bush wouldn't be enough of an upgrade for the cash.

Mike Wallace

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    It seems like Mike Wallace is on his way out of Pittsburgh. In his contract year (in which he held out in training camp), Wallace has put up his worst numbers since his rookie season in 2008.

    The type of money he will be looking for is something that the Redskins can simply not afford. Especially after signing both Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan to large contracts in the past offseason.

    He's been having injury problems lately, and even though he presents a deep threat, the Redskins seem content with Garcon, Santana Moss, Morgan and Aldrick Robinson on the field.

    He would be a welcome addition since he can get open deep on play-action passes, but that contract would just be too much.

Dustin Keller

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    If the Redskins are going to open the wallet for a tight end, it better be for Fred Davis. Even an injured tight end like Davis is more valuable since he's played in the Redskins' current offensive system with success.

    Keller has proven this season that he's not a huge playmaker, and he will be looking for more money than he's worth. Jared Cook would be a better option if the Redskins are in the market.

    This is all depending on if Fred Davis even returns to the Redskins. He may get a more enticing contract offer with another team. Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen have stepped in nicely for the injured Davis, but if he doesn't return, the Redskins will need another tight end.

Gosder Cherilus

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    The Redskins will likely be in the market for a new right tackle since the Jammal Brown experiment seems to be coming to a close, and the Tyler Polumbus/Jordan Black combination isn't quite working out.

    One player that the Redskins should avoid at this position is Gosder Cherilus of the Lions. A lot of people were surprised when he was drafted in the first round, and he has shown that while he is not terrible he is not a top-level talent.

    He's allowed five sacks in 2012, which is an improvement from the nine that he allowed in 2011. However, he has produced more penalties (nine) this season than in any other year of his career.

    He's not expensive, so if the Redskins can get him at the right price, then he would be worth signing for a depth acquisition, but I know that another team will unnecessarily pull up the price on him.

    Statistics provided by http://hosted.stats.com/fb/playerstats.asp?id=8794&team=8

Dwight Freeney

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    We should all be glad that Bruce Allen is now the general manager of the Redskins. If he wasn't, this seems like a move the Redskins would make in the Vinny Cerrato era.

    He is towards the end of his career (at least age-wise), his numbers have declined and he doesn't fit the Redskins' current 3-4 defense at all.

    Since Allen is the general manager, I don't expect Freeney to even get a call from the Redskins despite his track record as a great pass-rusher.

    He has just four sacks on the 2012 season and has had to deal with injury problems the entire year. Plus, you know he's going to pull in a lot of money for a short-term deal.

    Back in my day, a player like Freeney would have had Redskin One land in his backyard to pick him up, but those days are gone. Hopefully forever.

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