Montana High School Basketball Team Drops 3 Amazing Buzzer-Beaters in One Game

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This particular buzzer-beater video is three times the madness and three times the fun. 

A tip of the hat to SportsGrid for bringing this wonderful basketball game to our attention. The actual YouTube video was posted on December 22, but we agree that there is simply no way we couldn't dive right into this one. 

There is now no way you can say nothing good happens in Montana, because two teams in the state did battle, with one needing three buzzer-beater shots to win. 

While this has to be the epitome of tremendous fortune for one team, it's also a bitter exercise in futility for the other team. 

We love videos that give us two very different ways of looking at the same thing. A report over at The Guardian gives us a little more insight. 

Glacier high school in Montana beat Charles M. Russell high school within the very last second of their game after shooting an amazing three buzzer-beaters. The first comes at the end of the first quarter and is scored by Charlie Obermiller, the second is a three-pointer which took the game into overtime and the third is an audacious three-quarter court shot to win the game 62-61 in the dying second

Seriously, before you go congratulating Glacier for three ridiculous shots, can we have a moment of silence for Charles M. Russell HS?

This has to be one of the most brutal games from their vantage point. You can even see the effect the three remarkable shots had on the opposition at the 1:04 mark, when one Charles M. Russell player lays on the court with a mix of disbelief and frustration. 

This spectacular video is truly the best of times and the absolute worst of times. 

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