10 Ugliest Football Kits We Saw in 2012

Matt Cheetham@@Matt_CheethamCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2012

10 Ugliest Football Kits We Saw in 2012

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    As 2012 draws to a close, the next few days provide the perfect chance to document several best and worst cases from the previous 12 months.

    On the menu here: those teams guilty of taking the field in some truly atrocious attire.

    As 2012 is viewed in its entirety, this will of course cover any kit worn throughout the year, including several fashion disasters from last season as well.

Celtic 2011-12 (Third)

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    We start with one of last season's grimmest concoctions, thankfully just required for third-kit duty. 

    Celtic's striped yellow and black combination caught the eye in an especially unsatisfactory manner and was surely better suited to a past era of football.

Olympique De Marseille 2011-12 (Third)

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    Another kit appearing a decade or two too late is Marseille's third strip, again from last season.

    A strange fusion of orange, black, white and light blue, perhaps this was a reason the club endured such a disappointing campaign.

Omiya Ardija 2011-12 (First)

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    To Japan now, where Omiya Ardija regularly compete in this painfully bright orange number.

    Any time a jersey causes you to wince, it's perhaps time to tone it down.

Liverpool 2012-13 (Third)

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    As we progress through this list, it quickly becomes clear how third-team colours are so often the experimental kind.

    Liverpool have already received a fair amount of flak for opting to blend aubergine and grey with some garish flashes of orange.

    Hopefully a mixture that's never repeated.

SC Heerenveen 2012-13 (First)

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    Now waterlilies are something Heerenveen have always been associated with, but surely it would be better to make the link more subtle.

    To a first-time viewer, the sharp red spots could be easily mistaken for hearts, roses or even some form of unfortunate disease.

    Certainly not the desired effect of a waterlily.

Ajax 2012-13 (Second)

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    Staying in the Eredivisie, the sole aim of Ajax's change strip this season can only be for distraction. 

    Any time a kit strays onto luminous ground, it's hard to imagine supporters being overly enthused, and this year's loud design is certainly one to forget—if you can.

Cardiff 2012-13 (First)

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    Yes, this looks a very acceptable red and black kit. However, the fact it's red—and it's Cardiff—instantly qualifies it for inclusion in this list.

    Despite the Bluebirds nickname, and being forever associated with blue, the club's new Malaysian owners decided a radical change to red was the way to go for investment.

    A sad indictment of where the power truly lies.

Juventus 2012-13 (Third)

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    Juventus have dabbled with the idea of pink for the past two seasons, a shade that's never worked well in football, despite the best efforts of Palermo.

    Thankfully, this season it's been relegated from second to third choice, and by mid-2013 will hopefully become an abandoned experiment.

Manchester United 2012-13 (First)

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    If there's ever a time a jersey looks like a tablecloth, it's a pretty good sign that the kit manufacturers have erred.

    To be fair, there's not much Manchester United can do to spice up their design, but this season's squared strip is not a good look.

Barcelona 2012-13 (Second)

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    Barcelona's second strip has often been a colourful medley, but this season's sunset spectrum is an especially hard package to stomach.

    This unique fading of orange to yellow may very well be the worst of 2012.