Is Deron Williams to Blame for Avery Johnson Firing?

Will LeivenbergFeatured ColumnistDecember 27, 2012

When Avery Johnson was fired as the Brooklyn Nets head coach Thursday, it felt almost uncomfortably natural to place the blame on the man who has a history with coach confrontation—Deron Williams.

But before dumping the blame solely on Williams, this team is battling chemistry issues similar to a team like the Los Angeles Lakers; they're in the midst of a rebuild, which means everyone has to adjust.

Also, team cohesion is not just a product of the players, but a product of a coach's ability to implement a sense of trust, as well as control. The onus has been on Avery Johnson, and like his franchise player, he too has shown a reluctance to adjust in the wake of serious problems affecting this team. 

Lastly, after their luminous 11-4 start, the Nets plummeted, losing 10 of their last 13 games. Is the collapse a consequence of the now ousted coach? Or do the problems facing the Nets stem from something deeper?

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