Ranking the Sickest Dimes of the 2012 NBA Calendar Year

Stephen FenechCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2012

Ranking the Sickest Dimes of the 2012 NBA Calendar Year

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    2012 saw its fair share of sick dimes, as the lockout-shortened NBA season actually amounted to more games being played in the calendar year. 

    Sweet assists are among the most exciting plays in basketball, especially when one of the league's premier athletes is on the receiving end of the equation. An amazing pass often results in breathtaking jams, which is the quickest way to get fans out of their seats. 

    Teamwork is what wins games in the NBA, and assists are often the statistic that is used to prove offensive cohesiveness. While many things factor into a successful offense, sharing the ball is a key to creating a balanced and efficient attack. 

    Get used to the duo in the picture above, because they connected on a handful of jaw-dropping plays in 2012.

10. Jrue Holiday Up to Andre Iguodala for the Slam

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    This one makes the list due to the athletic prowess shown by Jrue Holiday. He managed to stay in the air long enough to loft the ball down the court to a wide-open Andre Iguodala. 

    The tap forward by Holiday was performed perfectly, and Iguodala caught the ball in stride and finished the transition possession with a dunk. 

    Holiday has progressed as a facilitator this season, which is why the Philadelphia 76ers have been competitive without Andrew Bynum. 

9. Dwyane Wade Full-Court-Pass to LeBron James Part I

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    This is the first of multiple appearances from this duo. 

    On this play, Dwyane Wade hauls in a rebound and throws it like a football down the field to his partner in crime, LeBron James.

    James then jumps up in the air and pulls down the pass like an NFL wideout in traffic, and the two Dallas Mavericks defenders seem helpless to stop him. 

    Happy Holidays from the Miami Heat, as they easily cruised to a victory over the Dallas Mavericks prior to Christmas. 

8. Rodney Stuckey Behind-the-Back Pass to Andre Drummond

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    The Detroit Pistons are nowhere near finished in their rebuilding efforts, but the decision to draft Andre Drummond with the ninth pick in the 2012 draft appears to be a good one. 

    On this play, Rodney Stuckey drives into the paint and passes the ball while spinning to a wide-open Drummond. 

    This play did happen against the lowly Washington Wizards, but it's still highlight material.

    Stuckey's aggressive drive drew the defense off Drummond, but his beautiful pass is what should be praised here. 

7. Ricky Rubio Behind-the-Back Pass to Kevin Love

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    Ricky Rubio is the most talented passer to enter the NBA in quite a while, and he proves it in this clip.

    The court vision that Rubio possesses is second to none at times, especially when he can manipulate opposing defenses off the dribble. 

    Rubio has tremendous feel as well, which should not be overlooked. On this play, he passed the ball with the perfect amount of pace, allowing Kevin Love to easily receive the offering and convert on the layup. 

6. C.J. Watson Above-the-Head Feed to Gerald Wallace

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    The Brooklyn Nets have relieved Avery Johnson of his head coaching duties, but this exciting dime occurred under his watch. 

    While C.J Watson isn't the player that comes to mind when thinking about sick assists, he dished a beauty here.

    After Gerald Wallace disrupted the Detroit Pistons offense, he sprinted up court and was rewarded with a half-court pass from Watson. 

    It's a bit surprising that it's Watson rather than Nets franchise point guard Deron Williams who found his way onto this list. 

5. Ricky Rubio's Pass Through Tyson Chandler's Legs

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    He's back, but didn't you expect him to be?

    On this one, Ricky Rubio deftly throws a pass through the legs of one of the NBA's most intimidating interior defenders, Tyson Chandler. 

    Rubio is a patient passer, which is key to his passing repertoire.

    The key to this pass was how he hesitated for a couple dribbles along the baseline. That lulled Chandler to sleep and allowed Rubio to sneak the ball through his legs. 

    Rubio gets bonus points for pulling this off on the Defensive Player of the Year. 

4. LeBron James Over-the-Head Downcourt Pass to Dwyane Wade

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    This isn't the only time that Batman and Robin appear on this list, as LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have connected on a handful of jaw-dropping finishes. 

    On this assist, James attempts a pass that shouldn't be tried at home, and it works. Granted, Wade's athleticism saved the play, but it was still a gutsy and remarkable pass from LeBron. 

    James didn't even look before passing; clearly the gamble paid off. 

3. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Fastbreak Alley-Oop

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    It's a good time to be a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

    OKC has two top-10 players in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and both of them are just 24 years old. 

    After making their first Finals run during the 2012 season, the Thunder are poised to remain contenders for the foreseeable future. 

    This high-flying attack shows just how athletic the two are.

2. No-Look Behind-the-Back Lob from Rudy Fernandez to Kenneth Faried

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    This assist is nothing short of spectacular, as Rudy Fernandez somehow perfectly set up Kenneth Faried with a behind-the-back no-look pass. 

    The level of difficulty on this play is through the roof, and it required both players to act in perfect unison. 

    This assist brought all those on hand to their feet, as Faried provided a glimpse of his outstanding athleticism. 

1. Dwyane Wade Full-Court Pass to LeBron James Part II

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    Are you kidding me? 

    This pass by Dwyane Wade shows how smart he and LeBron James are as basketball players.

    LeBron and Wade were meant to play together, and they seem to inherently know where the other is on the basketball court at all times. 

    Wade demonstrated superb awareness on this play and executed it with a beautiful pass.