Who Will Face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania?

Aaron Gales@@AaronSportLive Correspondent IIDecember 27, 2012

Who Will Face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania?

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    With many people expecting the Undertaker to make his final appearance at WrestleMania in 2013, speculation has inevitably turned to possible opponents for what could be his last match in his long and distinguished career.

    Having fought Triple H at the last two WrestleMania's, we can safely assume that he will face a different opponent in New York.

    I have narrowed the list down to five candidates, in no particular order, of who would be worthy of trying to end the Deadman's famous streak.

CM Punk

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    Despite his year-long WWE title run, it has been clear in recent weeks that CM Punk doesn't feel that he gets the respect he deserves for his achievements.

    What better way to earn that respect than trying to end the greatest streak in sport's entertainment?

    Punk has proved over the last couple of years that he is capable of having a great match with anybody. He would undoubtedly bring out the best in the Undertaker, who has struggled with a number of injuries in recent years.

    Their dissimilar styles of wrestling would lead to an interesting match and would be very different to the two brutal affairs he has had with Triple H.

    All this is dependent on whether CM Punk is still WWE Champion at WrestleMania. If he is this match will not happen.


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    The other half of the Brothers of Destruction, these two performers have come to blows once before at WrestleMania, with Undertaker emerging victorious.

    Their careers have been inextricably linked ever since Kane made his debut in 1998. Whether as friend or foe, their relationship has always been one of the best storylines over the last decade in wrestling.

    It has been a few years since they have locked horns in the ring. It could be an emotional match for the pair of them as their careers reach their twilight stages.

    Whether or not there is enough interest in this match is another question. Kane has been out of the main event picture for a long time. Although still a great worker for the company, many would find it hard to stomach the possibility of Kane beating 'Taker at WrestleMania.

    The match would also lack the intensity of other potential match ups. Both are slow in the ring and it would probably lack the excitement that such an occasion deserves.

John Cena

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    It is quite remarkable to me that despite everything John Cena has achieved in his career, he is yet to come to blows with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    This match is probably the least likeliest out of all the possible scenarios, as it is far more likely that Cena will find himself in a feud with CM Punk or The Rock leading into WrestleMania.

    However, it could still happen. Cena would love the chance to cement his legacy as an all-time great and nothing does that like a match with Undertaker at WrestleMania.

    Despite some of the abuse Cena has to put up with, he is a very solid in-ring worker and his skills on the mic could certainly help build this feud to an exciting crescendo at WrestleMania.

    Cena excelled himself in the run up to WrestleMania last year and he certainly could again if given the chance to step in the squared circle with Undertaker.


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    2012 was undoubtedly the best year of Sheamus's wrestling career. From winning the Royal Rumble to claiming the World Championship from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, he has enjoyed success and has built a large following amongst those who appreciate his undoubted talents.

    Where will 2013 take him?

    It looks likely that at some point, he will reclaim the World Title from the clutches of the Big Show. But what if he doesn't? What if the powers that be decide to put the strap on Dolph Ziggler instead?

    While he is having a great career, Sheamus has yet to reach the levels of people like CM Punk, John Cena and others. A match with the Undertaker could be the one that catapults him into the highest echelons of the WWE.

Randy Orton

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    2012 was the year Randy Orton went stale.

    His suspension and a variety of injuries have seen him slip down the pecking order in the WWE with no hint of a return to the title picture in the near future.

    A match with the Undertaker could do more for Randy Orton's career than any other person I have mentioned on this list.

    They have already had one great match at Wrestlemania and there is no reason they could not have another one. Orton is a much improved performer than the first time around and in my opinion would have the biggest number of people wanting him to end the streak.

    Randy Orton used to call himself the Legend Killer. There is only one person left on his list.