NBA Doppelgangers: Hilarious Hoops Look-Alikes

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 28, 2012

NBA Doppelgangers: Hilarious Hoops Look-Alikes

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    Amid the slam dunks, technical fouls and screaming coaches, there are a bunch of NBA doppelgangers and look-alikes.

    In an homage to Chris Paul and his dead-on look-alike Cliff Paul, here are the best...

    If you aren't careful, you could pull a neck muscle from the double-take you are forced to make when these NBA players, coaches and refs are on the screen. 

    Hmm, I know I have seen these guys before

    You have, and the world is now playing some bizarre trick on you by throwing them in the NBA game like it ain't no thang. 

    Of course, we are bound to miss a bunch, and these are just some of my personal favorites we have seen across this wonderful Internet. 

    So please, by all means, throw in suggestions of your own in the comments section below. 

    Some pictures taken from NBA Dopplegangers

10. Kris Humphries Is Totally Sam the Eagle

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    Poor Kris Humphries continues to take a lot of grief after his brief marriage with Kim Kardashian, so let's keep it going here. 

    I always thought Humphries had one of the most geometric heads in basketball. 

    It's a nearly perfect cylinder to his perfectly flat head. In fact, he should be in the next Muppets movie, but obviously as a Muppet. 

9. Jason Kidd Is Totally Joey Crawford

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    This is one I spotted over at NBA Doppelgangers and couldn't get it out of my head, because they are the perfect doppelganger duo to admire. 

    Not that they look exactly alike, but they become far more similar the more you look at this picture.

    At first you think it's because of the bald heads, but then, like one of those pictures of a jumbled mess that becomes clear after a long look, it hits you. 

    From the shiny dome to the drooping skin that seems to be melting off to the grumpy face that proves neither man has been hugged since the '80s, these guys look exactly alike. 

8. Baron Davis Is Totally LeVar Burton

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    If there is one thing I love more than Star Trek: The Next Generation, it's Reading Rainbow. If there is one thing I love more than Reading Rainbow, it's a really big burrito with all the fixings, but nobody looks like that, except maybe for an increasingly aging and bloating Vince Carter.

    So you could see how I am keyed in to all things LeVar Burton at the moment, and have always had the sneaking suspicion he moonlights as a broken down point guard with creaky legs. 

    Be honest with yourself. Is there really any reason to not believe Baron Davis is actually LeVar Burton?

7. Manu Ginobili Is Totally Balki Bartokomous

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    There is a recurring dream I have, and when it actually goes down in reality, I can die a happy man. 

    Manu Ginobili drives down and hits a game-winner, only to bust out the dance of joy with the actual Cousin Larry Appleton who is sitting courtside (I will also take Kevin Pollack who I still think looks like Cousin Larry and should play him in a Perfect Strangers movie, which I strongly believe needs to be made, like now). 

    Balki Bartokomous can be seen at a Spurs game near you. 

6. Greg Oden Is Totally Bill Russell

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    One is an old man who used to play in the NBA at the center position. The other is Bill Russell. 

    Greg Oden limped into the NBA as the No. 1 pick back in the 2007 draft, but is now off in his second career as just some really tall dude. 

    Besides having one leg too long, Oden is also destined to look roughly 50 years older than he actually is—not sure if that's a super power or not. 

5. Kyle Korver Is Totally Ashton Kutcher

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    I have this weird tic where I curse and leave the room anytime Ashton Kutcher comes on the TV screen. 

    Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but it gets oddly problematic anytime a Kyle Korver game is on. 

4. Hubie Brown Is Totally Skeletor

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    Hubie Brown can be heard calling national games while keeping us engaged with his expert insight and hard-hitting analysis. 

    When the camera pushes back and shows the NBA guru, it is also showing us a glimpse into our childhood. 

    Hubie Brown is totes Skeletor. 

3. Anderson Varejao Is Totally Justin Guarini

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    Anderson Varejao's likeness is perfect for drawing a multitude of comparisons. There are those who think he looks like Sideshow Bob, and others who think he is more of a Corbin Bleu

    I always enjoyed the Justin Guarini reference if only to remind people that there was once some guy named Justin Guarini and people cared about him. 

2. Robert Horry Is Totally Will Smith

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    There are two pictures of Robert Horry...or Will Smith. The fact that I can't tell and don't care should tell you that they look exactly alike and we have heard as much since the two hit the national scene in tandem. 

    I don't want to hear how they don't actually look alike and this is an overrated comparison, because you couldn't possibly be more wrong. 

    Pic via NBA Dopplegangers

1. Rick Carlisle Is Without Question Jim Carrey

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    Winner, winner, look-alike chicken dinner. 

    We have all heard that Rick Carlisle and Jim Carrey look alike. So much so, that the mere mention is hackneyed. 

    Now normally, I wouldn't want to put something this obvious here, but the two are totally the same person, like, completely the same person. 

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