Has Daniel Bryan Finally Embraced His Face Status?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneSenior Writer IIMarch 22, 2017

If you have been paying attention to the wrestling world of late, you may have noticed that there seems to be a shift in the type of attention being bestowed upon one half of the WWE tag team champions, Daniel Bryan.

It is worth noting that Bryan has always gotten a decent reaction from the WWE Universe, whether as a face or as a heel, but in the past few weeks, the attention seems to have shifted from negative to positive.

When he was a hard-working, and clean-cut performer, fans appreciated his work ethic and rewarded him with cheers.

I was actually in attendance when Bryan defeated James Gibson for the Ring Of Honor World title at Glory by Honor IV on September 15, 2005. And though the crowd was very small that evening, it provided the loudest reaction that I have ever heard for him. The entire crowd was behind him that night, and everyone who was cheering for him was rewarded when Gibson’s month-long reign came to an end. 

After several turns between good and bad, Bryan seemed to cement his role as a heel over the past year or so.

Once he lost his razor, grew a shrubbery on his face and started becoming a paranoid and irritable heel, the crowds booed. Many antagonized him with chants of “YES!”

And with this gimmick, Bryan thrived briefly before hitting a wall and falling out of the main event picture for a short while.

Enter seasoned WWE veteran Kane.

Bryan’s “therapy sessions” with Kane became must-see television for fans each week, and their uneasy alliance left fans people on the edge of their seats each time they were on camera.

In most cases, they never helped each other or even seemed to have any particular affinity for one another.

But in times of crisis, when a match or later the tag team titles were on the line, they always stepped up and made sure that they came out on top.

In recent weeks, however, Bryan has seemed to embrace the taunts and no longer seems as bothered by them.

He and Kane have stepped into the main event picture of late, standing united against the invading Shield, at times coming out on top.

At the TLC pay-per view, Bryan and Kane, along with Ryback, came out on the losing end of things in their encounter with the upstart group. But Bryan seemed to embrace the crowd being behind him, and has continued to do so since then.

Could he be softening in his attitude towards any attention being shown toward him?

The company is actually in need of a face personality to rank with the likes of Sheamus and John Cena. With this new outlook, could it be long before Bryan fills that role?

Is Bryan an incredibly talented performer?


Is he fast becoming one of the must-see talents on the WWE roster?


Can Bryan eventually become the top face in the company?

We will see.