5 Most Overrated Wrestlers in WWE History

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistDecember 27, 2012

5 Most Overrated Wrestlers in WWE History

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    There have been many great wrestlers in the long history of the sport.  But many current and future WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers are often overrated.  For one reason or another, many of these overrated wrestlers are considered "great," and in many respects they may well be.  

    Some of the best of all time have been called overrated for a variety of reasons.  The wrestlers on this list may be considered by many as some of the best ever.  More than one are currently, or will be, WWE Hall of Fame inductees.  

    So enjoy this list, and respond with your own ideas at the end. 

No. 5—Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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    There is a lot of controversy about who is, and isn't, in the WWE Hall of Fame.  One person that always generates controversy among wrestling historians is Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  

    There is perhaps no one in the WWE Hall of Fame with a thinner resume, and his induction still leaves me shaking my head.  

    He started his career in Mid-South, winning the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Championship once, among other lesser Mid-South titles.  That was his biggest accomplishment in his career.  He did win the WCW World Television Championship and the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship once each during his tenure with WCW, and he is the first ever (acknowledged) winner of the Royal Rumble in WWF.

    Duggan had a pretty good career.  But the fact that he's been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is just wrong.  It makes him overrated.

No. 4—Kevin Nash

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    What can you say about Kevin Nash that hasn't already been said?  He's won championships and been a part of perhaps the most popular and powerful stable in wrestling history.  And yet, he is overrated.  

    Much of the success Nash achieved was due in no small part to his having creative control over his character in WCW, a luxury most wrestlers will never have.  It was that clause, and his ability to play politics backstage, that led to his success more so than any other factor.   

No. 3—John Cena

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    I'm fairly certain all of you saw Cena coming.

    And he almost didn't even make this list at all.  After all, Cena has the accomplishments to compare himself to any of the best wrestlers in wrestling history: 12 world championships, 10-time WWE champion and a litany of other titles and achievements rank him statistically as one of the most successful wrestlers ever.

    And yet, he's overrated.  He's a hard worker, no doubt.  But he's definitely a "5 Moves of Doom" wrestler that is limited in what he can do.  And had the PG era not taken hold, Cena may never have become the face of the WWE.  

    Unfortunately for Cena, he's known almost as much for his public appearances and childish routines both in and out of the ring as he is for his actual wrestling.  And his appeal to mostly children over the better part of the past ten years allowed him to sell merchandise and tickets without having to be a great wrestler.  

    He'll be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and I certainly can't fault him for taking the path laid out for him by WWE.  But he's an overrated wrestler who's loved and supported by children.  He makes the WWE money, and that—not his in-ring talents—is why he's been at the top of the card for so long.  

    Cena is overrated.

No. 2—Goldberg

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    Oh I'm sorry I meant Goldberg.  Actually, you can probably interchange the two and not have any issues.  

    Goldberg was a stud in the WCW.  He was a big guy that didn't talk and didn't lose.  That being said, he likely would be a footnote in wrestling history if it weren't for his streak.  

    All the people that complain about Ryback would have hated Goldberg.  He really didn't have stellar matches, as they tended to be squashes.  Squashes can be very effective, and his were usually entertaining.  And he was over with the crowds.  

    But Goldberg just wouldn't have been Goldberg if he lost his 15th match.  His character essentially was the streak, and without it, he would not have been the guy we remember.  

    Goldberg was a good wrestler that got the fortune of getting the ultimate push.  That said, he's still overrated.   

No. 1—Tie Between David Arquette and Vince Russo

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    Perhaps the most horrible thing you can do to a wrestling company is give it's top championship to non-wrestlers.  

    As bad as Kevin Nash was at booking himself to win championships, Russo and Arquette are worse.  Each of them has actually held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, giving them more world title reigns than Roddy Piper, Owen Hart or Ted DiBiase.  

    Unfortunately, they almost have to be called wrestlers because they wrestled in professional matches and won.  The fact that these two have actually won world titles, though, is a black mark against the sport.  Their reigns also showed just how terrible WCW was becoming toward the end of it's existence.  


Your Opinions?

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    So you thought Hogan was on the list, huh?  Gotcha.  Hogan has been a part of too many of the biggest moments in wrestling to be overrated.  And what about the guy above?  Many people feel Ryback is overrated.

    Who do you think should be on, or off, this list?