Miami Heat Should Be Active in Free Agency Market More Than Trade Rumors

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For lack of a better word, the world finally got a chance to see the real Miami Heat yesterday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and here's a few things we were reminded of: 

LeBron James is still the best basketball player on the planet. 

Mario Chalmers isn't the hopeless cause that we all thought he was.

Mike Miller can morph at the drop of a hat from a hobbling lunatic to a relentless assassin if the stakes are high enough. 

And the Miami Heat still look like one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA, which probably explains why they are currently ranked last

Here's what else we know: 

The Heat are obviously not going to make any trades because the only tradable assets are LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh (and only a fool with a shark tank would dismantle his team's championship core). 

That leaves free agency, and you're only kidding yourself if you think Miami couldn't use some help down low. 

Udonis Haslem, who finished with two points and and two rebounds in 16 minutes of play against the Thunder, doesn't offer the same array of offense to mitigate his size against bigger opponents that he used to.  

Joel Anthony is as much of an offensive liability as he is a defensive force.

Rashard Lewis, who hasn't played in the Heat's past two games, has become an afterthought

Josh Harrellson hasn't cracked the rotation. 

Finally, Dexter Pittman was just sent to the D-league. 

Can Miami win with the current size it has on its roster? Yes, and we know that because they did it last year. 

But how much longer can we rely on LeBron to lead this team in scoring, assists and rebounding?

Do you think that kind of heavy lifting was what he had in mind when he decided to join forces with Wade and Bosh in Miami? Or, for that matter, that he will want to continue doing that when he is due for a new contract that will take him well beyond his prime? 

Of course not. It would be one thing if there weren't any decent free agents out there, but we all know Kenyon Martin is still lingering around. 

And defense and rebounding is something he can still provide to a ball club, as he proved last year with the newly striding Los Angeles Clippers

Now, I don't want to hear anything about chemistry or continuity being an issue because that clearly hasn't been the case with any free agent they've added in the past two seasons. 

Look, LeBron James wouldn't be the perennial MVP candidate that he is if his greatness wasn't able to mask several of his team's weaknesses. 

Nevertheless, those weaknesses still exist, and none of them are bigger than the team's lack of size. 

Besides, what better time to find good discounts than after Christmas?