5 Most Hilarious Athletes We Want to See Try and Play Hockey

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2012

5 Most Hilarious Athletes We Want to See Try and Play Hockey

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    Sports athletes are some of the most hilarious people in the world and provide plenty of comedy for fans on and off the playing field.

    Hockey is home to some of the funniest players in sports, and even though NHL players are some of the most competitive people you will find, the majority of them are guys that you would really enjoy hanging out with away from the rink.

    Let’s look at five hilarious athletes from other sports whom we want to see try and play hockey.

Dwight Howard

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    Watching an NBA player as tall as Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard play hockey would be hilarious.

    Howard is one of the funniest players in the NBA and always has a smile on his face. He's a very outgoing guy and is fantastic at the events during NBA All-Star Weekend, especially the slam dunk contest.

    The NHL All-Star Skills competition needs more guys like Howard who bring some real creativity and comedy to the different events.

Brian Wilson

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    Brian Wilson is one of the most hilarious athletes in all of sports. He has spent the last few seasons as the closer for the San Francisco Giants, and when he's healthy, he is one of baseball's best relief pitchers.

    His personality is what makes him a funny guy, and his amazing beard also creates plenty of laughter.

    If there's one part of the NHL that Wilson already knows how to do better than anyone else, it's how to grow a playoff beard.

Usain Bolt

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    Jamaican track and field star Usain Bolt won Olympic gold medals in the 100m and 200m races at the Summer Olympic Games in London (2012) and Beijing (2008).

    Bolt's celebrations after winning important races are often funny to watch, so he would probably be able to come up with some clever goal celebrations to bring to hockey if he scored.

    Bolt has a fantastic personality and brings plenty of entertainment to the track. Since he's such a confident athlete, maybe he would be willing to give hockey a try.

Shaquille O'Neal

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    Former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal is one of the greatest basketball players ever, and he is also quite entertaining on and off the court because of his outgoing personality.

    Shaq used to do a reality television show called Shaq Vs. on ABC, where he would compete against people in many different sports including swimming and football.

    He's certainly not afraid to try a new sport, and it would be hilarious to see him try and play hockey.

Victor Cruz

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    New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz was one of the NFL's breakout stars last year, and he has quickly become one of the funniest players in football.

    Not only does he have a great personality, he's also a good actor. His recent commercial for Foot Locker is pretty good.

    Almost every time he scores a touchdown, Cruz does a salsa dance as a celebration. If Cruz played hockey, he probably would bring the salsa dance to the ice if he scored a goal.