Matt Barnes Holds Back Lamar Odom...From Helping Up Kenneth Faried

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It was Christmas Day, the Los Angeles Clippers were up by nearly 20 points on the Denver Nuggets and the rest of the world was ready to settle in and fall asleep, yet Matt Barnes still wasn't about to show off any kindness if he wasn't forced to.

Barnes and the Clippers were putting a beatdown on the Nuggets, up 101-82 with just over seven minutes left in the fourth quarter when Kenneth Faried found himself leaping for a pass in the open court with only Lamar Odom in his way. 

He got to the ball, but when he turned to take the shot, he was knocked on his butt by an aggressive Odom.

Faried went to get back up, and Odom went to show off his Christmas cheer, going back to help him up, but Barnes wasn't having any of that.

He intervened and continued to play defense like only he knows how, changing Odom's course and boxing him out from helping Faried up.

If it weren't for the Christmas sweater that he showed up wearing before the game, I would swear that he was the embodiment of The Grinch himself. Alas, it's just the old Matt Barnes that we love to hate if he's on any other team but our own.

And they say nastiness in basketball is dead.

Who knows? Maybe Kenneth Faried was on the naughty list this year and Barnes was just trying to keep Odom from having Santa Claus see him associating with nefarious people like Faried.

Then again, maybe Barnes is just mean.

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