The 25 Hottest Football WAGS of All Time

David LevinSenior Writer IIJanuary 9, 2013

The 25 Hottest Football WAGS of All Time

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    `Tis the season to love football, family and some of the hottest wives and girlfriends in the sport.

    Sometimes, looking on the sidelines and in the stands is part of the fun of sport events. Football players are known for having smoking-hot women on their arm, whether they are wives or girlfriends.

    And over the years, we have seen they are not always exclusive and "roam" from team to team. And of course, a player leaving one woman for another woman can always lead to a little drama.

    Seriously, what's a little drama in football anyway?

    This being the holiday season, enjoy as we see the beauty behind the brawn and the most beautiful women in professional football of all time.

    Happy Holidays.

25. Katina Taylor

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    The wife of former Dolphins great, Jason Taylor and the sister of his former teammate, Zach Thomas.


    As a football player, Taylor was always dabbling in other outside interests. And we can see by the looks of things, this beauty was certainly one of them.

24. Jennifer Walcott

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    Adam Archuleta has someone to cozy up to while he looks for a team to call his own.

    This model and former Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for August 2001 really needs no explanation why she made this list.

23. Kristin Cavallari

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    This former star of "The Hills" is not the wife of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

    The two recently welcomed their first child into the world. 

    Cutler has been an enigma of sorts for the Bears this season, so the thought of having such a hot-looking woman on his arm must help soften the blow over missing the playoffs the last two seasons.

22. Candice Crawford

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    Tony Romo proves again how lucky he is. He was half of a couple with Jessica Simpson for some time. He moves form pop-rock star to Miss Missouri.

    Either way, he wins. 

    The good life keeps getting better. Some guys have all the luck.

21. Jessie James

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    The Broncos Eric Decker had better like country music. Jessie James is a hottie who could be the babysitter next door.

    With a gorgeous look and amazing pipes, she could prove to be multi-talented.

    But seriously, when you look that good, we may forget what is coming out of her mouth and get lost in those pretty eyes.

20. Alicia Sacramone

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    Pretty boy and quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Brady Quinn, must be pretty stoked about having Sacramone on his arm.

    According to her website,, "Sacramone was a member of the Silver Medal winning US Olympic team in 2008 and has won nine career World Championships medals, including three Golds, four Silvers and two Bronzes, the highest career tally in US history."

    Well, Brady Quinn was supposed to be the hero who saved the Cleveland Browns.

    Judging by their careers, it appeared the sexy and limber Sacramone has been more successful so far. 

19. Kelsi Reich

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    She is a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Her beau, David Nelson, is a tight end for the Buffalo Bills. If the teams ever made it back to the Super Bowl against each other (unlikely to happen), what's the couple to do?

    Judging by the play of both teams, it is more likely we will be seeing the hot blond shaking her pom poms in the postseason before Nelson sees what it is like to play well into January.

18. Hayden Panettiere

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    She grew up before our eyes. 

    Hayden was in the movie, "Remember the Titans" and then sated New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (more on him later).

    Panettiere was also part of the cast in the NBC television show "Heroes."

    Remember, if you save the cheerleader, you save the world.

17. Heather Mitts

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    Soccer player marries NFL back up quarterback. She is married to AJ Feely. Guess who has the upper foot in this relationship?

    Mitts is what I like to call, "Sneaky Pretty." She is the girl next door with athletic talent, which makes her so darn attractive.

    Let's just face it, she is just plain HOT.

16. Bridget Moynahan

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    She is both beautiful and elegant. And was the love interest of Tom Brady when he was breaking in as the best quarterback in the NFL.

    Somehow, we think she got over it and moved on.

    Moynahan starred in such movies as  Coyote UglySerendipity, The Sum of All Fears (2002), The Recruit, and I, Robot.

    Oh, and she currently is on the CBS show, Blue Bloods.

    Yep, I think she is over it.

15. Sanya Richards-Ross

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    Everyone's favorite Olympic Gold Medalist. Thank the good lord her husband plays football in Jacksonville.

    As the wife of Jaguars defensive back Aaron Ross, we got a chance to see her in her element in London and then honor her for winning Olympic gold in track.

    With her winning a gold medal for speed, it makes you wonder which member of the family can actually cover the most amount of ground in the Jaguars' secondary?

14. Giselle Bundchen

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    Giselle is pretty hot–if you like the Victoria Secret Model/Actress type.

    She is married to Tom Brady and the two have two beautiful children. 

    Giselle and her beau are mainstream celebs and two of the truly beautiful people as a power couple.

    One question though, since both are striking, are there enough mirrors in their home for both of them?

13. Jessica Simpson

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    She really likes football.

    The pop singer and former wife of Nick Lachey dated Dallas Cowboys star, Tony Romo and was very supportive of her man in her home state of Texas.

    She was the subject of many SportsCenter highlights, dressed in a Cowboys jersey.

    Now, the pretty blond has moved on and is dating former NFL tight end Eric Johnson.

    To be honest, it may not matter which NFL star she is dating, as long as she is supporting the NFL.

12. Kim Kardashian

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    Reggie Bush wasn't enough for her. After her relationship with the former New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins star, the sexy model moved on to date Miles Austin for a bit.

    You have to wonder which state she liked better, Florida or Texas. 

    Hell, it doesn't matter. Kardashian looks good just about anywhere she goes.

11. Carrie Prejean

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    Her career credentials are impressive. Only 25 years old, Prejean is a model, author, former Miss California USA 2009 and Miss USA 2009 first runner-up.

    Oh, and she is married to Kyle Boller as well.

    Not a bad resume for someone so hot and so young. 

10. Samantha Steele

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    Christian Ponder is a God! As an FSU grad, I am very proud of him.

    He and the current ESPN reporter dated for a short time before getting married this month.

    Ponder has his Vikings in the playoff hunt and Steele is looking pretty darn hot on the four-letter network.

    Sounds like a match made in sports heaven.

9. Carmella DeCesare

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    Not only does she have a spread in Playboy, but Carmella DeCesare was a WWE female wrestler.

    Guess that means you don't want to mess with this Italian beauty.

    DeCesare is married to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Jeff Garcia.

    The brunette beauty proved in the wrestling ring she was just as tough as her husband was running away from opposing defensive linemen.

    Totally hot.

8. Carrie Underwood

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    Started out on American Idol. Became the first country singer to win on the show. Went to Hollywood and Nashville and became a star. And also dated Tony Romo in the process.

    There is no denying what a pure beauty Carrie really is.

    Once we all heard "When He Cheats," we knew she would be a star. Maybe a star that is bigger than the star on Dallas' 50-yard line.

7. Anna Burns

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    You have to wonder how many times Wes Welker had to order the wings to get her number.

    Doesn't matter. Anna Burns is certainly hotter than any wings on the Hooters menu.

    She was Miss Hooters 2005 International, which is a pretty high honor.

    Wonder how it ranks with the success Welker has enjoyed with the New England Patriots' offense?

6. Kendra Wilkinson

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    Everyone's favorite Playboy Playmate. And yes, she has had more success than her former NFL receiver husband, Hank Baskett.


    While Hank has played sparingly in the NFL, his wife has had her own reality show and made her mark on cable television.

    Before the Kardashians, there was Kendra. Seeing the blond beauty on television may have been more entertaining.

5. Angie Harmon

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    She had a great gig on Law and Order before she hooked up with former New York Giants defensive back Jason Sehorn.

    Harmon's career lives on.

    The sexy brunette still can be see on television. Sehorn is out of football.

    Long flowing hair and a raspy voice is a killer along with a smile to match.

    Everything about her exudes confidence, which is so incredibly hot.

4. Gabrielle Union

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    Good Gawd!

    The former wife of former Jaguars running back Chris Howard, Union is a sight to behold.

    One moment she looks like your best friend in high school. Then, there is the time when she just tears it up and leaves you breathless.

    Either way, her current boyfriend, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, is a very lucky man.

3. Lauren Tannehill

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    In a space like South Beach where beauty is on every corner you look, Ryan Tannehill brings his rookie arm and his mega-hot wife to the Miami Dolphins.

    While Tannehill's name was called with the eighth pick in April's NFL Draft, all eyes were on Lauren in the Green Room.

    Can you really blame us?

2. Laila Ali

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    The daughter of the greatest boxing champion of all time. The wife of former NFL receiver Curtis Conway.

    We have all seen here style and grace on Dancing with the Stars and then we have seen her athletic prowess in the ring as a boxer.

    The multi-talents of Ali make her even more appealing.

    And she dares you to disagree.

1. Eva Longoria

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    Basketball's loss was football's gain. 

    And then, it was Mark Sanchez's loss. Maybe that is why he has had such a poor season in the Big Apple?

    Eva Longoria was married to San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker. The two divorced. Longoria met the leader of the Jets offense and they dated during the 2012 season. The two broke up during the season as well.

    With everything that has gone wrong with Sanchez's season, for a brief shinning moment, Longoria was it. And while the two may not be celebrating a Jets winning season, we can certainly celebrate how unbeliveably hot she is.