Miley Cyrus Song Breaks out During Junior Hockey Brawl

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 26, 2012

Right when a junior hockey brawl really got cooking, a Miley Cyrus song broke out delivering a rather hilarious cocktail.  

Yahoo! Sports (h/t SportsGrid) reports on a bizarre moment when the last thing you thought you would hear is the Miley Cyrus hit “Party In The U.S.A.”

Alas, that's precisely what happened here. 

It all went down at the Superior International Junior Hockey League, a six-team league wherein the Minnesota Wilderness and the Thunder Bay North Stars play. 

During the second period of their clash on Sunday, a melee broke out. 

Nothing out of the ordinary happened at first. We have seen quite a bit of fights and brawls taking place during hockey matches. This doesn't mean we don't appreciate every last second of them. 

Where this sets itself apart from other fight videos takes place around the :14 second mark. This is when we get our Cyrus on. 

Thanks to Yahoo! Sports we get some idea of why this went down. 

Back in the day, Canadian arenas used to play “God Save The Queen” during wild brawls in an attempt to have the players respectfully end the violence in honor of the anthem.

Sounds hilarious, but it doesn't seem to affect these rambunctious hockey players at all. In fact, a good portion of the fight gets sorted out after Cyrus rocks the place. 

Does the melody of the pop hit dull the need to fight or exacerbate it? We may never know, but at least we know what a hockey fight with Miley Cyrus played over it looks like. 

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