Ryan Michael's Exclusive Bleacher Report Interview with SiNN BoDHi "KiZarny"

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Ryan Michael's Exclusive Bleacher Report Interview with SiNN BoDHi

After having done my first exclusive interview with Rory McAllister of "The Highlanders", I continued to keep in contact with other performers in the industry. The second wrestler who was kind enough to agree to a personal interview was none other than KiZarny (otherwise known as SiNN BoDHi).

While my interview with Rory McAllister was a very calm and straight-forward experience, my interview with KiZarny proved to be of a much different flavor.

I have never encountered a performer in the wrestling industry with as much eccentric passion and intensity as KiZarny. None the less, the interview proved to be both intriguing and exciting.

Without further ado, this is what KiZarny had to say...

You might be best known for wrestling under the name "Kizarny" for World Wrestling Entertainment. Can you describe your experiences while working for the WWE?

The best feeling ever! Working for WWE has been my dream since I was a lil itty bitty circus run-a-way! Traveling from city to city! Crazy road adventures! Wrestling with WWE Superstars in front of screaming crowds! Signing autographs and taking pictures with people is always flattering and will never get old!

Many people might not be aware of the great many "legends" that you have wrestled during your career, can you name some of the greatest legends that you have worked with and tell us what that has meant to you?

Wrestling Jerry 'The King' Lawler with Jimmy 'The Mouth of the South' Hart in Memphis was a blast, literally! I took my eyez off of Lawler for a second to ring Hart's neck and shove that annoying megaphone where the sun don't seizine only to turn into a Brass Knuckle Sandwich!

King Kong Bundy chopping me in the gizzard had me suckin' wind but I eventually got the 500 pounder off his feet! I turned Val Venis's towel into my bloody butcher's aprin! I got my bloody cooties all over Raven! Goldust AND Poppa and Jr. Goldust "Dusty and Cody Rhodes", the whole famn damily!

Road Warrior Hawk ate my foot for calling me Tweety Bird! Amed Johnson got sleizapped right in the kisser for gettin' too close up in my personal speizace! The Steiner Brothers tried to kill my rubber ducky Squeaky but failed!

Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, Brian Christopher, Vampiro, Koko B. Ware, Rock 'n Roll Express, Three Live Kru, Ernest "The Cat" Miller, Big Daddy V, Lash Lerox, Bob Holly, Pat Tanaka, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Tatonka...The list of victims goes on and on! Every match was totally Feizun!

What is your relationship to Jake "The Snake" Roberts?

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts was my anti-hero growing up. I remember the kids I was with crying as we watched Jake D.D.T. Ricky Steamboat's brains onto the unforgiving concrete. As they cried, I thought I want to grow up just like Unky Jake.

Jake was my opponent, teacher, and friend! Staying with Jake and his family puts an episode of the Ozbournes to shame, LOL. I am very proud to be Jake's friend and I look forward to many adventures with my life's most unlikely guardian angel.

You've been extensively trained in various forms of self defense, can you tell us what forms of fighting you have learned and how that has an impact on your in-ring performance?

Growing up my parents practiced Karate. My dad was a ranked fighter in Canada and the United States. I was lucky to train with some of the best in the world in various styles. Kempo, Shoto Kan, Kung-fu, Mui Tai, and Kick Boxing.

As many people know, you grew up with Adam Copeland (Edge) and Christian (Jason Reso), do you have any interesting childhood stories to share?

Yeah, Jay and I used to clang Adam's LJN wrestling action figures together really hard on purpose when Adam would leave the room 'cause he would get totally mad if we scuffed them! We were the ultimate opportunists!

How do you feel about Edge and Christian's success?

I am very happy and proud of them! We were all laughing like giddy kidz as we shared a hotel room the night of Christian's return to WWE and ECW debut. We couldn't believe the three of us were finally at WWE together!

Many people might not realize that you are actually into some of the carnival activities your "Kizarny" character performed, what is it that you do?

I am really a carnival freak, Vinnie Mac did not whip that up outta thin air. I worked with Carnival Diablo in my home country of Canada. I was Carnival Diablo's Strongman. I had darts thrown into my back, I bent iron bars in my teeth (Eat your heart out Mark Henry!), I made Balloon Bunnies!

As a finale, I would get char broiled in an Electric Chair and light a torch with electricity from my tongue!

What match do you consider to be your best to date and why?

KiZarny vs Eric Escobar at the Smackdown Live Event in Tupelo MI. In a star studded show we (Eric and I, two new guyz) had the crowd screaming with fun! I was very proud of that match because Edge thought it was awesome!

Coming from my best friend and coming from the WWE Champ, That's two reasons I consider this match a personal fav!

What are your future career plans and where can the fans look to see you perform?

I am wrestling with Carlos Colon's WWC in Puerto Rico. As of June 18, I am guest starring in the Jim Rose Circus vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts Tour which should be totally insane!

And so brought a close to my interview with KiZarny. I'd like to personally thank him for taking the time to do this interview with me. It is always great to see these wrestlers have so much passion and desire to keep in touch with the fans.

Needless to say, I wish him the very best in all of his future endeavors.

Hopefully these exclusive interviews can create something of a trend here on Bleacher Report. After all, who better to keep us up-to-date with the wrestling industry than the very performers that we take the time to write about in the first place?

Note to the editor: Please do not edit any of KiZarny's replies. His writing style is unique to himself so editing it would change the tone of the article. Thanks.

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