Kevin Durant Cleans Gutters, Brings Laughs in New Sprint "Pajamas" Commercial

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Kevin Durant is what happens to good men who get Sprint coverage. If that sounds bizarre, it all becomes clear after watching this brief but hilarious commercial. 

A tip of the hat to SportsGrid for spotting this video of the Thunder star in a clever commercial that takes an odd twist right at the end. 

It all starts with mom and son kicking it in the kitchen when dear old dad walk in, only, it's not dad. 

The father walks in looking like Kevin Durant because he was somehow transformed into the NBA star just by using Sprint's service, allowing for hours and hours of NBA watching. 

For a moment, we will go ahead and ignore conundrums like how one turns into Durant or why the mother and son are not more amazed that an NBA star is in their house. 

Instead, we will go ahead and enjoy Durant in pajamas that are a few sizes too small and the look on mom's face when she sees her hubby is a new man, literally. 

The obvious notion is mom would very much like to do some bad things with her new-found husband, but that all gets extinguished when we see what she had in mind. 

Durant and all 6-foot-9 inches of him are cleaning gutters. 

I will go ahead and assume mom has some other things for Durant to attend to, like washing dishes and raking leaves. 

Come on, Internet. Get your heads out of the gutter. 

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