Report: Greg McElroy Injured, Tebow and Sanchez Could Be Activated Sunday

Matt SchreiberAnalyst IIIDecember 26, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 23: Quarterback Greg McElroy #14 of the New York Jets looks to pass against the San Diego Chargers during the second half at MetLife Stadium on December 23, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Chargers defeated the Jets 27-17. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The New York Jets are suffering their first losing season under head coach Rex Ryan with much thanks to a poor showcase of quarterbacks.

Anything sounds better than Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy. Only a higher power knows how this team was able to beat the Indianapolis Colts this season.

Anyhow, Greg McElroy, according to a report from The Star-Ledger, is "suffering from abdominal pains."

This is no surprise considering he was sacked 11 times in Sunday's loss to the Chargers. All we can hope for as fans is that McElroy is okay and recovers from the injury.

After Mark Sanchez committed five turnovers in a game against the Titans with their season on the line, Rex Ryan made the decision to skip Tim Tebow on the depth chart and start McElroy. It has hardly produced any positives, but you can't put the blame solely on him.

When you are sacked 11 times in one game, it says something about your offensive line and how poor they are playing. You cannot put that blame solely on the quarterback. You have got to protect the guy under center.

As an offensive lineman, that is what you get paid to do. If you can't do it, you should go look for employment elsewhere.

Of the three quarterbacks, I think McElroy is their best option. You never know if he could produce with a solid offensive line. The guy was a winner in college, though obviously college is different from the pros.

The fact that the Jets went out and signed Tebow this offseason and don't start him says something about his production. He must be underachieving in practices, because if you can't start over Mark Sanchez, you must be doing something wrong.

I mean, does it even matter at this point who is starting between the three of them on Sunday? We all know whoever is under center for the Jets won't put on a solid show for fans. Like I said, not solely because of the lack of talent at quarterback, but mostly because of the poor offensive line protection.

As a football fan, what are you going to watch? A Jets-Bills game with absolutely nothing on the line aside from draft position, or a game that will determine playoff seeding?