A'Shawn Robinson: Will 5-Star DT Stay True to Texas Longhorns Commitment?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIDecember 26, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

5-star lineman recruit A'Shawn Robinson has been committed to the Texas Longhorns since February of 2012, but is that a commitment that will last?

So far, so good for the Longhorns.

There's been a lot of buzz and chatter regarding Robinson and a potential flip of his commitment. He's taken official visits to both Florida State and USC, but according to Jason Suchomel of Orangebloods.com, the 5-star defensive tackle is still committed to Texas, at least verbally:

This weekend, Robinson broke his silence - barely - and offered up some thoughts on where things stand in his recruitment. 

The five-star prospect committed to Texas in February but he's taken official visits to Florida State and most recently, USC. Despite those trips, Robinson still considers himself a Texas commitment. 

"Nothing's changed. I'm still committed," Robinson said. 

A lot of the worry has stemmed from his choice to visit USC on a weekend when many Longhorns commitments were visiting Texas, according to Suchomel's report:

Robinson created a buzz earlier this month when he visited Southern Cal instead of joining the majority of the other Texas commitments on a December 7 visit weekend in Austin. He said this weekend that he's planning to take a visit to Texas sometime in January. Alabama is also under consideration for a visit. 

"I'm just making sure I'm making the right decision," Robinson said of the official visits. 

What should Texas fans take out of this brief statement? Is there still reason to fret over his commitment?

If anything, this is a bit of good news for Texas recruiting.

Although brief and void of much detail, this one statement alone has to sound very good to Texas. With all the buzz that has surrounded Robinson's commitment as of late, any sort of acknowledgment has to be encouraging for the Longhorns.

Robinson is just doing what any smart recruit should do—exploring other options. This is arguably one of the biggest decisions of any recruit's life mind you, so it's not one that should be taken lightly. By taking visits, not only is Robinson gathering information on different possibilities, but he's giving himself a reference point to compare Texas to.

The very fact that he's taken official visits to two huge college football programs and still hasn't decommited from Texas should be encouraging in itself. That means the comparison is favorable as far as Texas is concerned. We've seen recruits flip in the blink of an eye and because of the nature of verbal commitments, it's very easy to do.

If Robinson was to flip from Texas, wouldn't it have already happened?

That said, it's never easy to predict what a recruit will do; as stated above, things can change very quickly in the world of college football recruiting. The fact that Robinson is still committed can be taken as a good sign for Texas.

His acknowledgement that nothing has changed, via Suchomel's report, is another good sign.

Add it all up, and it's not that bold of a prediction to say that Robinson will stay true to his commitment to Texas when all is said and done.

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