2008 LA Dodgers Line-Up : Well, At Least What It Should Be

Stamati HoriatesCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2008

2008 LA Dodgers Line-Up

(If I were manager instead of that nut, Joe Torre)


  1. Rafael Furcal (SS)
  2. Russel Martin (C)
  3. Matt Kemp (RF)
  4. J Loney (1B)
  5. A Jones (CF)
  6. J Kent (2B)
  7. A Ethier (LF)
  8. A LaRoche (3B)


Matt Kemp has, by far, the most talent on this team.  He can hit for average, power, and steal bases.  His only down side is that he makes stupid base running decisions sometimes but that’ll get better with experience.  He’s still young.

James Loney had a great half season in the "bigs" last year.  He can hit for average and will see a lot of good pitches in that four hole protected by the likes of A Jones and J Kent.

Russell Martin combines a good eye with good speed in the two spot and Furcal can ravage the base paths from the lead-off position.  Not to mention, just about anyone with an average over .250 is better than Pierre.    

Andruw Jones and Jeff Kent, the veterans of the squad still have some pop left in the bat and should provide a good power threat in the middle of the lineup.

Andre Ethier, although I also like him as a two hole in this line-up, can add some back of the lineup momentum while LaRoche can hopefully start producing up to his potential with an increase in playing time.  Otherwise, it’s back to Garciaparra and we all know where that’ll lead…to the DL.