English Premier League Power Poll: Weeks 18-19

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterDecember 27, 2012

English Premier League Power Poll: Weeks 18-19

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    Christmas in the English Premier League was a fan's delight. Now it's time to make sense of it all.

    Goals, goals and more goals delighted fans around Britain and made for plenty of movement in this week's edition of the B/R English Premier League Power Poll.

    United won again, Chelsea maintained their recent revival, Norwich fell to Earth, and Aston Villa just fell apart.

    Where does your team rank this week? Keep reading to find out.

How It Works

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    Nine B/R personalities ranked all 20 Premier League clubs. A first-place vote counted as 20 points, a second-place vote as 19 and so on.

    Each team's score is listed along with results and fixtures.

    The voters this week were:

    Aliko Carter: B/R front-page editor. @AlikoCarter

    John Greely: B/R world football assistant editor. @johnwgreely 

    Adam Hirshfield: B/R deputy editor. @ahirshfield

    Dan Levy: B/R national lead writer. @DanLevyThinks

    Karl Matchett: B/R world football full-time writer. @karlmatchett  

    Sean Swaby: B/R featured columnist coordinator. @seanswaby 

    Will Tidey: B/R world football lead writer and editor. @willtidey

    Sam Tighe: B/R world football tactical analyst. @stighefootball

    Michael Cummings: B/R world football lead writer and poll organizer. @MikeCummings37

Complete Rankings

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    1. Manchester United

    2. Chelsea

    3. Everton

    4. Tottenham Hotspur

    5. Arsenal

    6. Manchester City

    7. Stoke City

    8. West Bromwich Albion

    9. Sunderland

    10. Swansea City

    11. Liverpool

    12. Norwich City

    13. West Ham United

    14. Newcastle United

    15. Fulham

    16. Southampton

    17. Wigan Athletic

    18. Aston Villa

    19. Queens Park Rangers

    20. Reading

20. Reading

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    Points: 20

    Previous: 20

    Results: Lost 1-0 at Man City; drew 0-0 home to Swansea

    Fixtures: Home to West Ham, Saturday; at Spurs, Tuesday

    Wednesday's draw gave Reading their first point in the league since Nov. 17.

19. Queens Park Rangers

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    Points: 23

    Previous: 16

    Results: Lost 1-0 at Newcastle; lost 2-1 home to West Brom

    Fixtures: Home to Liverpool, Sunday; at Chelsea, Wednesday

    Sean: So much for that up-table momentum.

18. Aston Villa

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    Points: 25

    Previous: 10

    Results: Lost 8-0 at Chelsea; lost 4-0 home to Spurs

    Fixtures: Home to Wigan, Saturday; at Swansea, Tuesday

    Dan: Wait, Villa just gave up another goal. Wait...two.

    Sean: Out of the relegation zone, but any team that lets 12 (!) goals by in a two-match span, competition regardless, should be looked at as relegation-worthy.

17. Wigan Athletic

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    Points: 29

    Previous: 18

    Results: Lost 1-0 home to Arsenal; lost 2-1 at Everton

    Fixtures: At Aston Villa, Saturday; home to Man United, Tuesday

    Wigan's last league win came Nov. 24. Since then, the Latics have gathered one point in six matches despite playing well at times.

16. Southampton

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    Points: 51

    Previous: 14

    Results: Lost 1-0 home to Sunderland; drew 1-1 at Fulham

    Fixtures: At Stoke, Saturday; home to Arsenal, Tuesday

    The Saints are one point clear of the relegation zone with a match in hand.

15. Fulham

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    Points: 60

    Previous: 15

    Results: Lost 4-0 at Liverpool; drew 1-1 home to Southampton

    Fixtures: Home to Swansea, Saturday; at West Brom, Tuesday

    Everyone! Everyone! Keep calm and pass Dimitar Berbatov the ball.

14. Newcastle United

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    Points: 62

    Previous: 17

    Results: Won 1-0 home to QPR; lost 4-3 at Man United

    Fixtures: At Arsenal, Saturday; home to Everton, Wednesday

    Newcastle lost at Manchester United despite leading three separate times. Should that qualify as a moral victory or a crushing defeat?

13. West Ham United

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    Points: 70

    Previous: 12

    Results: Lost 2-1 home to Everton

    Fixtures: At Reading, Saturday; home to Norwich, Tuesday

    West Ham’s trip to face Arsenal on Boxing Day was postponed. That might be a good thing for the Hammers. Instead of facing the suddenly in-form Gunners, West Ham’s next match will be against struggling Reading.

12. Norwich City

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    Points: 86

    Previous: 5

    Results: Lost 2-1 at West Brom; Lost 1-0 at Chelsea

    Fixtures: Home to Man City, Saturday; at West Ham, Tuesday

    The 10-match unbeaten run is history. Will Norwich start a new winning streak or fall back into the pack after a few more defeats?

    Dan: A terrible Christmas week to spoil an amazing first half.

11. Liverpool

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    Points: 92

    Previous: 13

    Results: Won 4-0 home to Fulham; lost 3-1 at Stoke

    Fixtures: At QPR, Sunday; home to Sunderland, Wednesday

    We've given up trying to figure out this team. We suggest you do the same.

10. Swansea City

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    Points: 100

    Previous: 11

    Results: Drew 1-1 home to Man United; drew 0-0 at Reading

    Fixtures: At Fulham, Saturday; home to Aston Villa, Tuesday

    Swansea's red-and-green away kit doubled as Christmas-themed attire Wednesday. Too bad their performance wasn't quite as festive.

9. Sunderland

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    Points: 103

    Previous: 19

    Results: Won 1-0 at Southampton; won 1-0 home to Man City

    Fixtures: Home to Spurs, Saturday; at Liverpool, Wednesday

    It's been said many times before, but it's worth repeating: Sunderland should just schedule Manchester City every week.

8. West Bromwich Albion

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    Points: 121

    Previous: 9

    Results: Won 2-1 home to Norwich; won 2-1 at QPR

    Fixtures: At Man United, Saturday; home to Fulham, Tuesday

    West Brom are level on points with Tottenham for a Champions League place with the season halfway finished.

    Who thought that would be true?

7. Stoke City

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    Points: 127

    Previous: 8

    Results: Drew 0-0 at Spurs; won 3-1 home to Liverpool

    Fixtures: Home to Southampton, Saturday; at Man City, Tuesday

    Stoke became the first Premier League club to reach double digits in draws the same weekend Manchester United recorded their first of the season.

    Sean: Whoa, the EPL's suddenly hottest team can score, too?

6. Manchester City

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    Points: 137

    Previous: 2

    Results: Won 1-0 home to Reading; lost 1-0 at Sunderland

    Fixtures: At Norwich, Saturday; home to Stoke, Tuesday

    After losing once again at Sunderland, City now trail rivals Manchester United by seven points.

    Dan: Has Mancini been fired yet? There are still a few days left in the old year.

5. Arsenal

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    Points: 139

    Previous: 4

    Results: Won 1-0 at Wigan

    Fixtures: Home to Newcastle, Saturday; at Southampton, Tuesday

    Arsenal’s Boxing Day match against West Ham was postponed. So, that means more time for Arsene Wenger to find his “exceptional” new signings, right?

    Sean: Jack Wilshere's return has, obviously, been massively influential for the mercurial Gunners, both on and off the pitch.

4. Tottenham Hotspur

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    Points: 152

    Previous: 3

    Results: Drew 0-0 home to Stoke; won 4-0 at Aston Villa

    Fixtures: At Sunderland, Saturday; home to Reading, Tuesday

    Only four goals? Against Aston Villa? Chelsea and their fans are chuckling.

    Dan: Are they better without Clint Dempsey? He should demand a move in January! To Everton!

3. Everton

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    Points: 156

    Previous: 6

    Results: Won 2-1 at West Ham; won 2-1 home to Wigan

    Fixtures: Home to Chelsea, Sunday; at Newcastle, Wednesday

    Dan: A result against Chelsea this weekend would put the Toffees in the top four heading into January. Watch out, as the second-half run could be for a Champions League spot.

2. Chelsea

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    Points: 163

    Previous: 7

    Results: Won 8-0 home to Aston Villa; won 1-0 at Norwich

    Fixtures: At Everton, Sunday; home to QPR, Wednesday

    Sean: If Eden Hazard has been a revelation for Chelsea, Juan Mata has been downright otherworldly.

    Dan: The greatest roller coaster ride of the season. They've been both the best and worst teams, sometimes simultaneously.

1. Manchester United

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    Points: 173

    Previous: 1

    Results: Drew 1-1 at Swansea; won 4-3 home to Newcastle

    Fixtures: Home to West Brom, Saturday; at Wigan, Tuesday

    They can’t defend, but no team in England seems capable of stopping Manchester United on a consistent basis.

    Dan: They are seven points up on the field and have given up more goals than 11 other squads. The fact that their goal differential is plus-20 is uncanny.

    Sean: Is anyone even surprised when United score last-ditch winners? So. Dangerous.