Video: Billy Crystal Gives Rave Review of Jamal Crawford's Fancy Handle

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistDecember 26, 2012

The schedule put forth by the NBA gave hoops fans a bounty of Christmas Day offerings. 

The Los Angeles Clippers capped off the night with a series of awe-inspiring plays that could only be showcased by a team dubbed "Lob City."

But ironically enough, their best play didn't require liftoff.

All it took was a shimmy from a man the Twitter world knows simply as @JCrossover (or Jamal Crawford to the rest of the basketball viewing public).

Crawford delighted the Hollywood crowd with a move befitting of the entertainment world, masterfully handling the ball like a puppeteer and leaving 14-year veteran Andre Miller frozen in time.

Of course, Crawford has shown off these handles before. I mean, you don't just stumble onto a Twitter handle like that by accident.

But that doesn't make the move any less impressive. 

Not to mention the fact that the play takes on new life thanks to a gem from star-turned-substitute-commentator (and longtime Clippers fan) Billy Crystal.

Crystal paid his respect to Crawford's nifty finish with an awesome-sounding, yet seemingly random Hebrew saying: "Shabbat shalom!"

Whether it made sense or not, Crystal's call made this jaw-dropping highlight even better.